Press release

Satellite Office expands Ludwigpalais location in Munich

19. July 2022


Satellite Office GmbH expands its business center location in Ludwigpalais by another 250 sqm. The space expansion is expected to be completed in early March 2014 and additional office space will be available for business customers and start-ups.
“With the expansion of our Business Center, we are responding to the demand for flexible office solutions and rental offices. In this way, we help start-ups and SMEs to meet changing market conditions with lean cost structures. The demands on a workplace and office are also changing. Satellite Office has recognized this development and sees itself as a professional companion and service provider. We enable business customers to enjoy maximum flexibility, calculable costs and a focus on their core business”. explains Managing Director Anita Gödiker.

Demand for flexible office solutions on the rise

With this expansion, the company is responding to the strong demand, including international demand, for flexible office solutions in Munich. In addition to classic individual offices and team offices, co-working desks and open areas with a bistro, diner and library for networking conversations are offered. All services can be put together individually for business customers according to the modular principle.

The pre-sale of offices for the Ludwigpalais location at Ludwigstrasse 8 in Munich begins immediately. More information on office solutions is available online at

Company Profile:

Satellite Office GmbH is an owner-managed company founded in 1997. The 25-strong team implements flexible office solutions, virtual offices, business addresses and secretarial services, conference rooms, meeting rooms as well as temporary and rental offices for start-ups, medium-sized and large companies. In addition, a membership entitles the holder to use all network areas in all locations. Anita Gödiker, managing partner, has been a member of relevant SME associations for 17 years. As a senator in the European Economic Forum for Owner-Managed Enterprises e.V. (EWiF), she plays a key role in shaping SME policy in Europe. As a speaker, she gives lectures on the topic of “Designing flexible workplaces to become a meeting place for knowledge transfer and networked working”.