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Turning point in the middle class

20. July 2022

Companies are positioning themselves more regionally again

Berlin, May 19, 2022: Supply chains are disrupted, raw material prices are rising, and local proximity to customers suddenly has a much greater significance again than in the heyday of globalization. Medium-sized companies are reorganizing their businesses and building partnerships in Germany and Europe. The price of the service or product is now no longer the only decisive factor, but rather reliability due to shorter transport routes and fewer national borders to cross. This is the information Anita Gödiker, CEO of workspace specialist Satellite Office, receives every day from her mostly medium-sized customers – many of whom are from the political, financial or service sectors.

This is confirmed by the strong increase in demand for company headquarters in Germany and Switzerland at Satellite Office’s business centers. “In this still young year of 2022 alone, we have more company startups in our thirteen Satellite Offices than in 2020 and 2021 combined, reports Anita Gödiker. For Gödiker, the focus has been on dialog with customers for more than 25 years, because this is the only way she can continuously develop her business model of “flexible workspaces” for current and future requirements.

Anita Gödiker, CEO Satellite Office and Carsten Mumm, Chief Economist of the private bank Donner & Reuschel in Düsseldorf

At the company’s 25th anniversary kick-off event this year, Gödiker hosted a high-profile event in Düsseldorf last week with thirty customers and a financial professional as keynote speaker. Carsten Mumm, Chief Economist at the private bank Donner & Reuschel, spoke about a current topic: the escalation of the Ukraine conflict, which is causing supply chains and sales channels to falter for the second time in a very short period. In parallel, already increased raw material and energy prices are exploding. In the fall, energy-intensive industries may even be threatened with rationing, for example of electricity. Against this background, what are the prospects for Germany’s export-oriented model of success in the years ahead?

Carsten Mumm at Satellite Office in Düsseldorf: “Russia’s actions are accelerating an essential turning point that has long been in the making: The end of the ever-advancing globalization. Already since the trade conflicts initiated by Donald Trump and due to the impact of the Corona pandemic on global supply chains, the need for greater independence emerged. The ubiquitous buzzword is resilience. In the future, companies will no longer focus solely on price when purchasing their inputs, but will diversify supply chains, increase warehousing, or even bring back to Europe production that was outsourced abroad years ago. Megatrends such as the decarbonization of production and mobility, as well as digitization and ultimately demographic developments, are bringing massive pressure for change and enormous investment needs. The German economy is severely affected, and society, the state and the economy will have to adapt accordingly. The key lies, among other things, in more training, research and innovation, in speeding up planning and application procedures, and in giving people a greater share in the productive capital of the national economy.”

Anita Gödiker: “Local proximity is in high demand among medium-sized companies: proximity creates trust, short distances are less susceptible to the current challenges. Staying flexible and cost-optimized at all times is the main task for medium-sized companies.”

About Satellite Office

Satellite Office operates thirteen first-class, well-equipped business centers in prime locations in Germany and Switzerland. Started 25 years ago as a pioneer in Berlin, the company can now always be found at the top address in the city and is still owner-managed by CEO Anita Gödiker.

Satellite Office offers flexible rental of individual and team offices, coworking spaces, business addresses, digital rooms and meeting rooms for up to 25 people. In all Workspaces, comforting tranquility, a driving pioneering spirit and human warmth blend together within the framework of luxurious room concepts and smart technology to create the favorite workplace. The room concept for maximum productivity, which was launched in 2019, always plays a central role. pureSilent ® always plays a central role and has been awarded the 2021 Iconic Award in the Interior Design category for the best office space design in Germany. This was followed in 2022 by the Frankfurt Satellite Office receiving the “Best Workspaces Awards” in Germany.

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