Business Center
More than just an office.

Individual, flexible and at the highest level. Satellite Office's business centers set new standards, because from our point of view, an office is not just an office.

What is a business center?

Business centers are located in large complexes of buildings, which contain numerous offices and conference rooms. The offer is complemented by services that facilitate office operations. Many business centers are placed in city centers or located near exhibition centers and airports. The individual offices are equipped by the providers with office furniture as well as telephone and Internet - as is the case with Satellite Office. The rooms can be easily rented for a short or longer period. If required, office staff can also be hired on a minute-by-minute or hourly basis to take over secretarial tasks, for example, or to provide telephone and typing services as well as translations into various languages.


Companies save time, money and energy when they locate in a business center because they do not have to build their own infrastructure. This gives you significantly more flexibility. This allows you to react individually to your space requirements and, for example, rent meeting rooms or expand your office space during a trade fair. You can also rent our office space for a conference.

Difference between business center and coworking

Business centers and coworking spaces are always confused with each other. Therefore, we would like to start by shedding light on how a business center can help you achieve your goals.

The business idea of the Business Center spilled over from America to Germany in the 1980s. This involves renting large buildings, fully furnished and technically equipped. Subsequently, small areas of 15 to 50 square meters are rented. The leases have a flexible duration. This means that you can easily rent day offices or use our rooms for a longer period of time. In addition, business centers often provide secretarial services. The flexibility of our office services allows you to focus on your core business again.

By contrast, many people associate coworking with unrest. Herein lies the advantage of a business center. There are no other companies in your office, so there is more peace and nothing to distract you.

With Satellite Office you choose the best of the best, because our incentive is to create a pleasant environment. We want you to feel comfortable and the environment does everything to maximize your concentration as well as productivity!


Some call it a workplace. We call it successful.


Our business centers create an open and friendly environment where new visions for your company can emerge. Our mission is to make you feel comfortable and better focused in your offices. The conference rooms, seminar rooms and offices are optimally equipped and designed to maximize your performance.


With pureSilent® we rely on a specially developed room concept: Here, light tones and clear shapes meet high-quality interior design. At the same time, interesting contrasts are created between modernity, historic buildings and design classics. Those who need sufficient rest and rely on optimized processes benefit from the exclusive secretarial service in our Business Centers. Our experts relieve you with office tasks, mail handling, local telephone service, the reception and the reception of your visitors - multilingual, cordial and at eye level. This creates a working environment that is tailored to you and your (personal) success is. Here the motto is: arrive, feel good, get going.


From the individual office to the team office, from the temporary project office or day office to the long-term rented executive office: Satellite Office offers you representative offices and office suites of the extra class for all imaginable scenarios. In addition, there are functional and stylish conference rooms and seminar rooms and meeting rooms. Impress business partners, inspire your employees or reward yourself and push motivation in new spheres, so that your company climbs to the next level in our business center. On top of that, you can network more easily on the side, because a wide variety of industries are at home here. This makes it easier to establish contacts with neighboring companies or freelancers and create new joint business ideas or cooperations. Just let us know how you would like to work. We take care of the rest and have your back every day. Our experts relieve you with office tasks, mail handling, local telephone service, the reception and the reception of your visitors - multilingual, cordial and at eye level. We think a modern office service should offer nothing less.


If you need more workspace at short notice and for a short time we offer flexible workspaces with style, which enable agile and successful work possible. You can always take advantage of our inviting coworking spaces. For events, conferences or meetings, you may of course use our meeting rooms and open spaces. And if you're out of town but don't want to miss out on an impressive business address, a virtual office is just what you need. Our secretarial service can also assist with written correspondence. Our representative locations are in the best areas of Berlin, Munich Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Zurich. Such a business address in your correspondence will strengthen the external perception of your company. At Satellite Office, you'll find office space to suit your taste - with plenty of flair and everything that goes with it. So also with a network that's a wash. In our premises, we have created meeting points where people and ideas connect. Here you will meet decision-makers, founders and visionaries.

Our fully equipped premises are available for immediate occupancy, commission-free and flexible booking - with integrated Cost airbag so you can plan better and not be tied to long-term leases. At the same time, your business risk decreases, however, we believe the equipment and our exquisite office service will take care of that, That you would never want to work in another office again. Immerse yourself with all your senses in the world of Deep Working, use over 23 years of experience for your successful future.


For your new office.

Whether you choose an office space in Munich, office space in Berlin, office space in Düsseldorf, office space in Frankfurt, office space in Hamburg or office space in Zurich - our offices in all cities convince with their location. After all, they are always located at the pulsating addresses of the economic metropolises. This means they meet the highest standards, our own.