Kurfürstendamm 15


At Kurfürstendamm 15 in the historic GLORIA BERLIN, Satellite Office opened its new
flagship business center in its home city of Berlin. The fourth location in Berlin covers the entire Art Nouveau complex with numerous lounges, conference rooms, 42 offices, telephone booths, digital rooms and open spaces with a total area of 1,950 m². With great attention to detail and high professionalism, the historic house was breathed new life. We continue the fantastic stories that the house tells in purist design for fine work.

If you are looking for coworking space in Berlin, you will find a lot of noise and few retreats that radiate peace. Not at Satellite Office. Your peace is sacred to us. Based on our 25 years of experience, we have always developed room ideas and room concepts. For our new room concept pureSilent® Satellite Office 2021 was awarded the ICONIC AWARD in the category Interior Design for best office design. The maximum focus is on the essentials and has been specially developed for YOU. Work in shielded areas, protected break-out areas and soundproofed cubes at Kurfürstendamm 15 in GLORIA BERLIN for more productivity with maximum concentration and impeccable well-being. If you are looking for deep working, you will love pureSilent® .

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The KUD15 GLORIA BERLIN at Kurfürstendamm 15, also known as Mampe's good parlor, is a truly legendary address and one of the most sought-after properties in Berlin. Built in 1889 by architect Richard Beyme, the residential and commercial building is an impressive example of the boulevard's early grand buildings. Satellite Office prevailed in the competition for the lease. Since October 2020, we have been offering modern and luxurious workspace, flexible offices and elegant conference rooms here. Here, experience values from over 24 years merge with the current requirements for individual workplaces.

The rooms, the address, the history - the KUD15 GLORIA BERLIN is pure prestige. We have captured this flair and carefully translated it into purist-minimalist design. Many small details tell of the eventful history of the house: opened as a restaurant of the spirits manufacturer Mampe, the now listed house was for decades a meeting place for artists, literati and the entire bohemian scene of Berlin. It is not for nothing that Joseph Roth wrote his world-famous novel "Radetzky March" here. The famous Mampe elephants as well as the original stucco ceilings and tiled stoves are reminders of this time. On the first floor, three historic rooms were restored. The result was a unique symbiosis in a unique setting on the Ku'damm.

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