A Satellite Office membership is the compass in times of Agile Working. It means more than just special conditions and exclusive benefits. Above all, it means being part of an extraordinary network.


There's a lot in it for you!

Our top-class flexible workspaces are located at the best addresses in the metropolises. So you are spoiled for choice. To help you find the perfect solution for your business even faster, we have developed our Memberships. So if you're just looking for a quiet, grown-up place to work creatively, to escape the home office for a few hours, you can achieve that without any fixed commitment with a Membership.

Especially for all company founders, we have packed our decades of experience into three cleverly combined benefit packages. In detail, our Membership benefit packages are the combination of premium business or corporate office addresses, agile workspace solutions and additional services in various gradations. You decide which package best suits your current situation and get started right away. Where all founders are most pressed, we step in: low risk, start immediately without investment and maximum flexibility for a smart, successful launch. We guarantee you a strong external appearance. You will then have to do the rest yourself.

We provide your compass in the modern working world: flexible, agile, networked and without commitment. You define how, where and how long you want to work. Only one thing is predetermined: Productivity through concentration and well-being. Our uniquely quiet room concept is designed with this in mind. And that's what our professional teams do everything for every day. By the way: All membership benefit packages are worth their price - after all, they are unique on the market.

You will not only benefit from the exclusive atmosphere and the strong benefit packages, but also from a unique community. It is often underestimated how much networking can influence a personal career or the successful founding of a company. Our concept for the best possible network is as simple as it is ingenious: perfect working conditions at exclusive locations appeal to first-class customers from various professions. This creates a unique mix of skills and relationships. We create the framework, our guests create the content. And every individual benefits from it.

The "space for success" thus takes on a much more complex meaning: What is meant is not only the independent success of each individual. But rather the shared pool of skills that everyone can contribute to and draw from. We understood this very early on and came to the decision to capture these unique circumstances in a membership: the Satellite Office Membership. Choose to join the Satellite Office Business Club and you'll realize how enriching the right contacts can be. By signing up for a Membership, you'll receive customized terms and exclusive benefits that will put the finishing touches on your Satellite Office work experience. So that your success is within reach.

The right benefits for everyone.


  • Nutzung aller Open Spaces an allen Standorten
  • Member of Businessclub
  • Internet / Free WiFi
  • Kostenloses Wasser
  • Invitation to exclusive network events
  • Included for free in all packages





All features as for Master and additional:

  • 10% discount on meeting rooms
  • Use of a flexible workspace during business hours
    5 days, 10 days or 1 month





Headquarters plus & Ambassador membership

  • Erstklassige zustellfähige Adresse für Ihren Firmensitz für und die Registrierung im Handelsregister
  • Ausgezeichnete Bürodienstleistungen
  • Unbegrenzte Postannahme und Paketannahme
  • Ihr Firmenschild im Foyer
Especially for founders
instead of 518€