pureSilent®  by Satellite Office is a room concept that promises maximum productivity as you work. Minimalist design meets first-class equipment – the perfect environment for your aims.


And the design got its fair share of attention too.

In 23 years of company history, we at Satellite Office have never stopped developing and have always focused on the productivity and well-being of our guests. We distinguished ourselves from the competition in this way early on – with higher standards, better equipment and greater convenience.

But it takes more than just high-quality furnishings to create the optimal working environment. It’s all about combining good taste and effectiveness and creating a working environment that is both stylish and promotes concentration. With clear lines and without all the distractions. That’s the difference between any old decorations and sensible design for the senses. We also focus on systematically appealing to the senses as well as a well-conceived layout, so that you can feel, see and hear at all times that Satellite Office is something truly special. It’s all about perception.

Today we can say with pride that we’ve managed to fulfil these requirements – with a room concept which combines minimalist design and absolute peace and quiet. There’s good reason why it’s called pureSilent®: essential features of this room concept are highly sophisticated acoustics, a well-coordinated colour scheme and sustainable materials that are pleasant to touch. This composition ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in deep working. The minimalist design is elegant and simple. The selection of rooms ranges from individual offices and open workspaces to meeting areas. Every square metre is carefully planned. Several silent cubes are available for maximum focus. An unparalleled working environment you simply need to experience for yourself.

pureSilent® has been available as an interior design line at selected locations since the end of 2019. Clear lines, minimalist design and specially developed furnishings for deep working and agile working. The brand-new room concept is the logical consequence of our continued development and the natural translation of our way of thinking into the physical room design: high-quality furniture pieces, innovative workspaces and state-of-the-art soundproofing as the silent crowning glory of our workspaces.