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We let the most beautiful offices in traditional buildings at the most exclusive addresses in Germany and Switzerland.

Satellite Office rents out various office spaces or office rooms flexibly and for immediate start. Regardless of whether you want to rent a furnished individual office, team office, project office, shared office or executive office - we offer you prestigious offices at the best addresses in the city centers of major business metropolies in Germany and Switzerland. But with us you will not only find your ideal office in a magnificent office property, but also prestigious meeting rooms and first-class office services for your company - all under one roof!

The Satellite Office Business Centers share a common, consistent recipe for success: historic properties in best city center location with award-winning interior design, modern equipment and an optimal working atmosphere. This is also reflected in our in-house Deep Work room concept pureSilent®, according to which our offices are furnished. With a focus on the essentials and the five human senses, pureSilent® places great value on tactile materials, calming lines and elegant furnishings in our offices. With us, you're not just renting an office space, you're renting a complete office world.

When you rent an office from Satellite Office, you also receive one of our memberships. This gives you access to all coworking spaces in our satellite offices and, regardless of the location of your rented office, you can also work at the highest level in one of our Coworking spaces work.

Your benefits


Upsizing or downsizing at any time

Location. Location. Location.

High-speed Internet

Rentable by the hour and by the day

Elegant offices

Flexible booking of conference rooms

Flipchart incl. Moderation case optional

Call answering in your company name

Honored with awards

Mail acceptance & Forwarding

Print jobs and printers



In tranquility lies your success...

Are you looking for a stylishly furnished office in a prestigious location that perfectly suits you, your lifestyle and your way of working? Then our individual offices are the perfect solution for you. In these modern private offices, the focus is on an ideal working atmosphere and a prestigious ambience. Small meetings can be held here in a stylish ambience. For larger meetings, we recommend renting our exclusive conference rooms, which can not only be rented by the hour, but are also offered at a discount for you as an office tenant.

Rent a Team office


We create the space for your team to have room for new ideas.

For companies that want to support their project teams, we offer offices that encourage collaboration and interaction between employees without creating a restless working atmosphere. These offices are the perfect breeding ground for efficient collaboration for working groups of up to 8 people, providing a breath of fresh air even for well-established teams. This is because, unlike in an open-plan office, there is a quiet working atmosphere here in which information can be exchanged quickly. This is how pureSilent® maximizes productivity. You are free to accommodate additional project-related employees who were not scheduled to work in the office with 5, 10 or 20-day tickets at our flexible workstations as required. This way, you don't have to rent more office space than you need for your permanent staff and at the same time remain flexible for up-sizing. Put the pedal to the metal in your business - we'll take care of the rest.

Day Office


When your day needs an office.

Ensuring flexibility without compromising on the highest quality is a top priority for our offices. We take this concept to the extreme with our day offices. The finest furniture comes together in pureSilent® to create a prestigious office that you can rent by the hour and at short notice. Perfect for deep work or receiving guests at the highest level. For your time in one of our day offices you need nothing but your laptop. The Satellite Office team and our flexible office world will take care of the rest. In addition to your office, we provide you with services of the highest quality. Secretarial services such as telephone or mail service are available on a flexible basis. Oh, and we have first-class coffee, too.

Office community

Your office community with a strong network

Sharing is fun, especially with like-minded people in a stylish ambience.

Our shared offices are the perfect platform for your team, or you alone. Here, people from different industries come together in one office space, which not only saves costs, but also allows you to share your expertise and expand your network. These office spaces furnished in accordance with pureSilent® promise peace and focus for all tenants, even when the office is full. Work in a shared office and benefit from each other, from the first-class facilities and from the incomparable flexibility of your rental agreement.

Office space

Large office space for big ideas

Rent a flexible office space for your business.

As a flexible provider of office space, we offer you the option of renting anything from a single office to a complete office space designed according to pureSilent®. Naturally including office service personnel who support your employees and increase the productivity of the entire team With us, you rent an office that adapts to your needs and grows with you, without you having to commit or even rent your own property. If you need less "office" space again, downsizing our office space is no problem thanks to our flexible terms.

Rent an office in the city center
Absolute top location

Position yourself and your business in the top class

Renting an office at a business address whose reputation extends far beyond the city limits is cost-intensive and often associated with long contract periods and waiting times. Satellite Office enables you to rent offices in carefully selected locations for an immediate start. To make things even easier, we are already renting out individual offices and workstations. But that's not all, because it's not just the addresses of our Satellite Offices that are famous. The Satellite Offices are preferably located in magnificent buildings steeped in history, which evoke a feeling of elegance and awe even before you enter. Flexible terms are unthinkable for office properties of this quality when renting an office on a regular basis. At Satellite Office you get exactly that, and the best thing about it? We rent you exactly as much office space as you really need.

Rent an office in a business center
Sharing is Caring

Sustainability & cost efficiency under one roof

Renting an office in a satellite office has several advantages thanks to the concept of a business center. "Sharing" is currently "En Vouge", at Satellite Office it has been part of the concept and DNA since 1997. We share office service staff, meeting rooms, equipment, office supplies Bistros Open Space and even the cleaning staff. So you only pay for your office space, everything else is shared! This concept was initially developed with a focus on cost efficiency and speed, but today we know that it is one thing above all: sustainable. Our resources are valuable, so we should use them as efficiently as possible and also make effective use of commercial real estate. With us, you can flexibly rent as much office space as you need, and you can also book everything else as required.

Who should rent which office concept?

Choosing the right office is essential for your success.

We rent out various office spaces that offer you the opportunity to rent different office concepts. Our directors will be happy to support you in your office search, because they know: Different business people have different requirements for their office. Sales employees make a lot of phone calls and receive business partners. A single office with a side table is therefore recommended for negotiations. Creative project teams thrive on lively exchange and need a stimulating, bright and modern working atmosphere. That's why our light-flooded team offices are structured in such a way that communication between tenants is encouraged. Our executive offices are the right choice for business people who value a particularly prestigious and large office. These elegantly furnished and state-of-the-art offices are the spearhead of our premises. Here you are offered the perfect platform for your business and the reception of your guests becomes an experience!

Want to rent an office? Yo rent a serviced office with us!
Hire the office service staff at the same time!

With us, you don't just rent an office space, but an entire office world.

From the outside, you might think that our beautiful office properties and offices are the heart of Satellite Office. But our first-class office staff is what makes the quality of our business centers. Here you and your guests will be welcomed and looked after at the highest level. Secretarial work is carried out on your behalf, the mail & telephone service relieves your employees and gives them more time for your core business. If you need a meeting room, we will prepare our award-winning rooms to your liking. Would you like fine catering and service during the meeting? No problem, we are happy to support you and remain discreet. This saves on personnel and training costs and you can be sure that everything will go according to plan - we take care of all administrative tasks, leaving you to focus on your core business.

From office space to office space
We always rent out a Serviced Office

We let serviced offices at the best addresses in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Zurich, Geneva and Düsseldorf.

We let the full range of offices at the best addresses in Germany. As a lessor of workplaces, offices and office space, we specialize in creating the ideal office property and offer exclusively serviced offices, regardless of the size of the office. Renting a serviced office means renting a completely comprehensive office world. In other words, an office space or an entire office area including service staff, equipment and maintenance. This saves you energy and costs, and you can still use an office in a class of its own.

Office rents without estate agent
Our directors support you in your office search

Do without a broker and talk to the director of your Satellite Office.

All office properties let by Satellite Office have an in-house director and are not sold by brokers. Our directors, who, unlike conventional brokers, are absolute experts in the field of offices, different office spaces and agile working models, are at your disposal for optimal advice. In addition to advising new customers, the main task of the directors is to ensure the satisfaction of all guests and tenants of our Satellite Offices. They know our office properties better than anyone else and enable you to tailor them to your office. If you need special office equipment or want to implement an innovative concept in your office space, you can contact your director at any time, because he is more than just a broker, he is the good soul of the house.

Luxurious office space and office rooms
rent flexibly

The offices and office space offered for rent by Satellite Office can be rented at short notice and can be terminated.

In the segment we offer, these features are unthinkable in the conventional rental of office properties. Long terms and rapidly rising rents are standard in every rental agreement. Satellite Office still makes it possible, without compromising. Our offices are exclusively located in historically valuable magnificent buildings, provided that the historic city center of the location is still preserved. Otherwise, sustainably constructed and modern office properties are used. Furthermore, our business centers never exceed a total area of 2600m². This is the only way we can ensure that we can maintain our high standard of service. Become part of our comprehensive office world and stay agile. We live in turbulent times in which it is important to react quickly to new economic challenges. Relocation and up- or downsizing are possible at any time. From a single office to your own office floor, we are your partner who adapts to your needs.

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