If you work hard, you deserve to take a break. And if you work at Satellite Office, you can do that inside the office.


There’s always something to celebrate at our locations.

We can offer you a whole host of attractive events that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. And not merely to balance out the day-to-day work, but also to look to a successful future together.

Satellite Office not only represents a quiet, focused working environment of the highest quality, but also the opportunity to come together and communicate. Sharing ideas, expressing visions, talking about plans. And that’s not limited to business alone. While we’re primarily a meeting place for business, we also offer space for friendly get-togethers. There is, of course, a focus on independent working, though we’re all connected by the same ambition. We want to celebrate this sense of community – with a large range of events, from Easter brunch and vernissages to after-work drinks on the roof terrace and hand-selected incentive meetings. In line with the motto – ‘A little fun never hurt anyone’ – we want to take the opportunity to raise our glasses every now and then. Provided, of course, there’s something to celebrate in the first place – but that’s always the case at Satellite Office.