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There is an unwritten law in the business world: a business address must be representative. Rental prices are rising steadily at the top addresses for office space in major German cities. For groups of people such as service providers, online entrepreneurs or new founders who do not need a physical office, renting a virtual company address can therefore be a worthwhile investment. With an impressive address, you radiate seriousness and have an immediate advantage in negotiations. Agil Arbeitende erledigen Ihren Geschäftsalltag ohne Büro, zu Hause oder in unseren Coworking Spaces – auf der Visitenkarte oder im Impressum können Sie mit der virtuellen Geschäftsadresse trotzdem eine erstklassige Büroadresse verwenden.

Rent a registered address
for your imprint

The imprint is the business card of today. With a virtual company address for your legal notice, you can immediately enhance it. The Internet has long ceased to be anonymous - your website visitors want to know who you are doing business with. A glance at the legal notice provides clarity and often determines whether trust in the website operator is strengthened or diminished. It is therefore advisable to rent an office address with a summonable address in order to strengthen confidence in your digital presence. Thanks to the option of registering your business, you can use one of our addresses in your legal notice without any problems. Additional business addresses can also be booked if you want to be present at different locations at the same time.

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The business address
as an upgrade for your business card

The business card - often one of the first points of contact between you and new business partners or customers. To make a good first impression, it is therefore advisable to rent a business address with a good reputation. With our service, you can use a rented address to open up new regions where you do not yet have a physical office. Despite globalization, many companies still prefer to do business with locally based business partners. If you do not have an office for negotiations, we offer you the option of renting one of our offices at the office address by the hour.

Rent a virtual business address
Your company address without office

When you rent a virtual company address, you benefit from the advantages of a prestigious business address without the liabilities that come with having an office at one. In this way, you can open up and test new regions with the virtual business address or benefit from a prestigious business address as a founder without initial investment for an office. Because even for services that can easily be provided online, customers often feel more comfortable with service providers from their region. With a virtual business address, you can simulate proximity without having to invest capital in a new location. Of course, if necessary, including business registration and entry in the commercial register.

Rent a Business Adress
to ensure your privacy

You receive mail regularly, but still receive it at home? With a rented business address, your private address remains private and protected and our mail forwarding service ensures that you still receive your mail. For agile workers, the virtual address can be the perfect complement to your home office or coworking space. You protect your privacy and continue to give your customers and business partners the opportunity to communicate important information to you without it accidentally appearing at your private address one day. For a change from working from home, you can also work at your office address in a coworking space. Customer appointments can be held in our day office or in a meeting room.

Office service
Telephone service & Mail service with mail forwarding

With an office at Satellite Office you benefit from the first-class office service of our Business Center. You can also enjoy these service benefits by renting a business address. The parcel and mail service acts as a mailbox for your shipments. We accept your mail and set up mail forwarding. On request, we offer a scanning service and will send you your mail digitally, of course, as with all our services, with the utmost discretion! Of course, you also have the option of picking up your mail in person if you work in coworking, book a meeting room or are simply in the area! Our telephone service offers you a dedicated telephone number and professional handling of telephone calls by our staff. We will contact you in your company's name and record or forward all information on request. This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on your core business without having to rent an office.

Rent an office address
Your advantages summarized

Renting a virtual business address has decisive advantages. You will receive a virtual address for your company without much effort and waiting time, which you can choose and use according to your needs. At the same time, you avoid the costs and liabilities associated with office properties in the best locations in Germany and retain your flexibility. Regardless of whether you want to use a summonable address for your imprint and registration in the commercial register, or a simple business address as a postal address or branch office. Should you wish to receive guests at your business address, our meeting and conference rooms are at your disposal.

With us you will find your business address at the most exclusive locations in Germany or Switzerland - our experts will be happy to advise you.

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