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Advantages that are perceived in your environment.

First impressions are crucial, especially in the business world! That's why a prestigious business address in Stuttgart is indispensable for companies that want to be in the best negotiating position from the outset. If you don't need a permanent office or renting office space is not yet profitable for you, you can rent a rent a business address in Stuttgart at the best address: Königstraße 35.

You can use this either as a simple business address with mail forwarding, for example as a branch office, or as a summonable address including entry in the commercial register for your company headquarters in Stuttgart. Perfect for founders and entrepreneurs who want to start immediately and without risk. No acquisition costs, no long-term contracts and no hidden fees. Instead, we offer maximum flexibility and a first-class office address in Stuttgart for your business card or your imprint and entry in the commercial register!

You will also receive a Satellite Office Membership, which gives you access to all Satellite Office coworking spaces in Germany and Switzerland.

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Why should I rent the Königstraße 35 business address for my company?

Königstraße in Stuttgart is the city's liveliest and most famous boulevard. It is also known far beyond the borders of Stuttgart as the city's economic center. Companies based here have a reputation for being experts and at the forefront of Stuttgart companies.

In addition, the central location near the airport and main train station is ideal if you want to hold a customer meeting or meeting at the business address. Our first-class conference rooms are available for this purpose, which are offered at a discount for you as a tenant of a business address. You will also automatically receive one of our Satellite Office Memberships, with which you can work in our coworking space in Stuttgart, but also in all other Satellite Office coworking spaces.

  • First class business address
  • Unlimited mail and parcel acceptance
  • Master Membership
  • Access to the Open Space incl. free WiFi (fair use)

additionally bookable:

  • Your company sign on the signage system in the foyer
  • Postscan. Scan-to-Mail Flat Rate
  • Telephone secretariat. Always available

The best company address in Stuttgart
Business address for your entry in the commercial register

The digital era has made the imprint the new business card. With a virtual business address in Stuttgart, you can strengthen your online presence and gain the trust of new customers and business partners. The business address Königstraße 35 is well-known and helps to strengthen your company's external image without the obligations and costs associated with having your own office in Stuttgart. This allows you to remain flexible and save effort and costs.

In addition, renting a business address in Stuttgart offers many companies the chance to explore and test the market in Stuttgart without having to open a physical branch right away.

Strengthen your company's business card - First-class business address as a tool for your sales department

The business card is often the first point of contact with potential business partners or customers. To make a good first impression, it is advisable to use a reputable business address for this. Our service enables you to be present in new regions by renting a business address in Stuttgart, even if you do not have a physical office there. Although many companies operate globally, they often prefer local business partners. So it may well be that your business address determines whether you can win over a customer.

If you do need an office at your business address in Stuttgart for negotiations or customer meetings, we offer you the option of renting one of our offices in the Satellite Office at Königstraße 35 on an hourly basis. The same applies to our meeting rooms, which we can offer you as a tenant of a business address at reduced rates.

Expand your market presence with a virtual company address in Stuttgart
without being tied to an office.

By renting virtual company addresses in Stuttgart, you can benefit from the advantages of a prestigious business address without the obligations that come with a physical office. This allows you to open up and test new markets or, as a founder, benefit from a high-quality business address without having to invest in expensive offices.

Furthermore, many customers prefer local service providers, and this also applies to services that can be provided online. With a virtual business address, you can create proximity without having to invest in the Stuttgart location. If required, we can also provide you with a summonable address which you can use for the business registration and your entry in the commercial register.

Protect your privacy
and rent a business address in Stuttgart

Do you still receive business mail at your home address? By renting a business address in Stuttgart, you can maintain your privacy. Our office service takes care of mail forwarding and digitizes your documents with our scanning service on request. While your business mail is accepted by us and forwarded to you. On request, you can receive these digitally through our scanning service.

The office service team ensures that you receive important documents without disclosing your personal address. For flexible working models, a virtual address in Stuttgart can therefore be the ideal complement to a home office or coworking space. They protect your privacy and allow customers and business partners to contact you without inadvertently sending to your private address. In addition, our business address in the coworking space offers a welcome change from the home office. You can hold client appointments in our day offices or meeting rooms, which you can use at discounted rates as a member of our network.

Office service in combination with your business address in Stuttgart
Mail service with mail forwarding & telephone service

With an office at Satellite Office, you benefit from our first-class office service in Stuttgart. These advantages are also available to you if you rent one of our business addresses in Stuttgart. Our parcel and mail service serves as your mailbox; we accept your mail and set up mail forwarding on request. We also offer a scanning service that sends you your mail digitally - with the utmost discretion, of course.

You can also collect your mail from us in person at Königstraße 35 if you work in the coworking area, book a meeting room or are simply located near our workspace in Stuttgart. Our telephone service offers you a dedicated telephone number and our staff will handle your calls professionally. We will contact you in your company name, take information on request or forward calls. This allows you to concentrate on your core business without having to rent your own office.

Rent your office address in Stuttgart
All advantages at a glance

Renting a virtual office address in Stuttgart has significant advantages. You can immediately and easily select and use a virtual address for your company that meets your needs. This saves you the high costs and obligations associated with office real estate in Königstrasse and gives you flexibility. Whether you need a legally recognized and summonable business address for your imprint and entry in the commercial register or simply a business address as a postal address or branch office - we offer you both options.

If you would like to receive guests, our meeting and conference rooms are at your disposal. We offer you business addresses in exclusive locations in Germany or Switzerland and our experts will be happy to advise you.

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