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Satellite Office opened its business center in Ludwigstraße, directly in the Ludwigpalais in Munich, in October 2014. The first of the two locations in Munich covers the entire Loftstil complex with numerous lounges, conference rooms, 29 exclusive, fully equipped offices, telephone booth and open spaces with a total area of 1350m². With great attention to detail and high professionalism, the historic house was breathed new life. We continue the fantastic stories that the house tells in purist design for fine work.

If you're looking for coworking space in Munich, you'll find a lot of noise and few retreats that exude tranquility. Not at Satellite Office. Your peace is sacred to us. Based on our 25 years of experience, we have always developed room ideas and room concepts. For our new room concept pureSilent® Satellite Office 2021 was awarded the ICONIC AWARD in the category Interior Design for best office design. The maximum focus is on the essentials and has been specially developed for YOU. Work in Ludwigstrasse 8 in shielded areas, protected break-out areas and soundproofed cubes for greater productivity with maximum concentration and impeccable well-being. If you are looking for deep working, you will love pureSilent® .

Immerse yourself in the five most important pillars of our service worlds with the highest quality:

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In the course of the classicist redesign at the beginning of the 19th century, Franz Karl Leopold von Klenze gave Ludwigstraße and the Ludwigpalais an unmistakable face. Committed to this cultural tradition, the building was extensively renovated in 2009 and 2010. Today, the Ludwigpalais exudes a graceful elegance that captivates with a symbiosis of classicist aesthetics, tasteful design and contemporary functionality. The prestigious address and the splendor of the magnificent palace were uncompromisingly transferred to the interior and design of our Satellite Office.

Ludwigstrasse in Munich is one of the most renowned business addresses in all of Europe. Located directly at Odeonsplatz, our workspace offers excellent accessibility. Your exclusive neighborhood: In Maxvorstadt, an interesting symbiosis of culture, art, science and business has been taking place for years. The German Bundesbank, for example, resides here. In the evening, people like to meet for an aperitif right next door at Schumann's Bar. Here you will find everything you need to work and live.


Victor Schneider

" Servus in the newly renovated Ludwigpalais Munich. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Satellite Offices in the metropolis on the Isar. I look forward to your call or contact."

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