Business Center.

Made for decision makers.

In a class of its own.
This is Satellite Office.

The company has been owner-managed since the beginning of 1997. Under the umbrella of its own Swiss parent company, Swiss Office Center AG, the group operates from Berlin and Zurich. Nationally grown, internationally ever stronger.

Business centers only in the best locations of the most important economic metropolises, the highest quality equipment, perfect office service, unlimited possibilities for clients. This is what the "Satellite Office" brand stands for. From the start, founder Anita Gödiker refined this business model, ensuring a unique position in the market. In the meantime, there are many new locations in Germany, Switzerland and soon also in Italy.

The company follows a specially developed philosophy: pureSilent®. The human being in the center, who perceives with all five senses. Today, all Satellite Office locations live this principle: with their own room concepts, the best acoustic worlds, lighting, color schemes and sustainable materials. For Deep Working. Because power lies in tranquility. pureSilent® stands for maximum concentration and more business success for customers. Whether hybrid, agile, flexible or digital working - work and workplaces will change. This is what "Satellite Office" has fed into its brand essence.

The company's success confirms that it is on the right track: Under the "Satellite Office" brand, the company is now expanding internationally on the basis of a long-term strategy.

Anita Gödiker

Managing director and owner.

In 1997, she had the idea of providing flexible workplaces to the world.

At the time, she was inspired by the giant construction sites in the capital, coupled with the question of where the many temporary project offices were located.

She founded Satellite Office and developed it in almost 25 years into the leading provider of flexible offices, workstations and conference rooms in the high-class segment.

In 2021, the pureSilent Line by Satellite Office developed by her will be awarded the Iconic Interior Design Awand.

Christophe Mouchené

Chief Financial Officer.

In 2004, the native Frenchman joined the company as commercial manager and continues to help build the company to this day.

As controller at the Accor Group, he gained the necessary experience to successfully steer the company's finances.

In his private life he is a passionate tennis player and collects antiques.

SATELLITE OFFICE ADVISORY BOARD. Protection from the ivory tower.

Satellite Office is the only company in the industry to have its own advisory board, which meets regularly with senior management. All experts in their fields. Marketing, sales, business management, trend scouts, networkers, furniture makers. Because the view from the outside always brings new impulses. In this way, experience flows in at the highest level and protects against self-indulgence and bubble thinking. Satellite Office. Better different.

Dr. Heidrun Kletzin
Board of Management GRUPPE 7 E.G.

Alexandra Pohl

Matthias David
uk. corporate communications

Dr. Wolfgang Richter
Owner Business Network Consulting

Jana Tepe
Managing Director of TANDEMPLOY

Anna Kaiser

Managing Director of TANDEMPLOY

Gabriele Wiechatzek

Ralf Limbach
Owner & Managing Director of ACC AUTO CLASSIC CLUB Berlin

Marcus Vitt
Spokesman of the Management Board, DONNER & REUSCHEL Privatbank hamburg

Michele Martucci
MM Capital AG

Florian Straehle
Managing Director of Strähle Wand-Systeme


Founded in 1997, initially as a franchise company and as the "Embassy of Emsland" at the legendary Checkpoint Charlie, the individual company separated from the franchise partner only 2 years later and Satellite Office GmbH took over the function of the holding company. The flat company structures keep the company nimble even in stormy times and ensure continuous growth without investors. Having grown organically, the company is now one of the strong but rock-solid partners in the SME sector, in the financial world, in consulting, but also in large corporations. A history with a great future.