Virtual Office -


The best business address for you and your business

A virtual office supports you, regardless of whether you are setting up a new business, opening up a new market or want to give your company a fresh boost, one unwritten law applies in every case: a business address must be representative. After all, the first point of contact in business correspondence is often the letterhead, so it should have rank and name. At Satellite Office, you can choose from world-famous company addresses: Königsallee in Düsseldorf, Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, Jungfernstieg in Hamburg, Königstraße in Stuttgart or Opernplatz in Frankfurt, to name but a few. An absolute image boost from your Virtual Office!

Virtual office - REAL ADVANTAGES

First-class company address, paired with five-star service.

Renting a virtual office has real advantages that go far beyond a prestigious business address. If you wish, you can rent not only a business address, but also a company headquarters, allowing you to use one of our top addresses for your entry in the commercial register. This will significantly enhance the external image of your company in no time at all. In addition, you will receive an office service of the highest standard, leaving you more time for your core business. For various reasons, you should not make important calls with your private smartphone. A rather decisive reason: important business partners do not like to talk to an answering machine. That's why we pick up the phone for you at our Virtual Office with telephone service. Our specially trained staff answer incoming calls in your company name and pass the information on to you immediately - much more personal than an automated answering machine. This is telephone service in a class of its own. And with your virtual office included. This also applies to our mail acceptance service, where our employees accept your mail, manage it and forward it on request. You take care of your core business - your virtual office does the rest!


  • First class business address with unlimited mail and parcel acceptance
  • Your company sign in the foyer
  • One virtual office with us is enough
  • So you can use your budget more for your core competencies
  • Your own local phone number and message in your company name
  • Local fax number and service with UMS technology
  • 2 hours use of conference room, day office or lounge
  • Master Membership
  • Access to the Open Space incl. free WiFi (fair use)


With your Virtual Office, you position yourself in the luxury class.

Successful decision-makers do not have their business mail sent to their homes. After all, your own private address should remain private and protected, while your company address should be as present as possible. Successful decision-makers rent a virtual office and therefore a business address at Satellite Office. We take care of your mail acceptance personally. You can use all our coworking spaces free of charge during the contract period to work on your mail conveniently - the Master Membership, and therefore the coworking, is included in the price. If you need a permanent office for working or meeting rooms for important negotiations on site by the hour, day or week, you can book these at any time. The best thing about it: our premises are just as prestigious and stylish as our addresses - an absolute image boost for your business.

If you would like to rent a virtual office or a company address in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart or Switzerland, you should not make any compromises. Trust in Satellite Office, trust in over 26 years of pioneering work.


  • First class business address
  • Unlimited mail and parcel acceptance
  • Master Membership
  • Access to the Open Space incl. free WiFi (fair use)

additionally bookable:

  • Your company sign on the signage system in the foyer
  • Postscan. Scan-to-Mail Flat Rate
  • Telephone secretariat. Always available

head office

Prominent address for your entry in the commercial register

Would you like to set up a corporation in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich? Then you need an entry in the local commercial register. Renting your own office space is very expensive in top locations, such as those you will find with us. The company headquarters at Satellite Office is a cost-effective solution with lower costs and flexible terms. With us, you get your own letterbox, a clearly visible company sign in the foyer and your own workstation in an office. This means that your company headquarters in our company fulfills all the necessary regulations for the tax office. The first-class business address comes on top of your Virtual Office.

With our offer you start your success story in the best location. Our secretarial services team will support you right from the start - with professional virtual office services, flexible workspace and over 26 years of experience in setting up companies. Place your trust in us, it is well invested and we will not disappoint you.


  • Exceptional company headquarters in prime location without c/o for entry in the commercial register
  • Personal local phone number with automatic forwarding
  • Mail and parcel acceptance
  • Personal locker for depositing your company documents
  • MEMBERSHIP with access to all centers in Germany and
  • Day offices or shared office (can be added as an option)
  • Personal company sign in the foyer (can be added as an option)

First-class company address
with mail acceptance and telephone service

Professional mail acceptance and telephone service with your Virtual Office.

If you rent your virtual office with a business or company address from us, you will always receive telephone service and mail acceptance. Our quality standard for a virtual office is not just a company address with a PO box, we actually want to offer a Virtual office. In order to offer this properly, an excellent telephone service with parcel acceptance that you can rely on is essential. Because only with these services can you work from any location and know that all secretarial work will be taken care of at your company address.

Virtual office
Real spaces

Use our meeting rooms, coworking spaces and day offices.

The purpose of our virtual office is to relieve you of the ongoing rent, not to replace the entire office. It often happens that you need a meeting room or a day office for meetings with customers despite renting your company address. Therefore, you can rent our meeting rooms and day offices at your company address as needed without renting a physical office. This means you are prepared for all eventualities and only pay for a prestigious office when you really need it. The rest of the time, our team will take care of all the work in the office for you and look after your telephone, of course with its own telephone number and the mail acceptance.


There are many reasons for a virtual office in one of our business centers: the exclusive location, the professional office service and the casual luxury of our premises. In addition, a virtual business address in our offices meets all important regulations for the tax office.


Your standard in the best location.

Make your decision: a Virtual Office Munich, a Virtual Office Berlin, a Virtual Office Düsseldorf, a Virtual Office Frankfurt, a Virtual Office Hamburg, a Virtual Office Zurich or a Virtual Office Geneva. The location is first-class at every location, as are the employees.

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