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Rent office space in Munich
Ludwigstraße 8, Rundfunkplatz 2

At Satellite Office you can rent your flexible office in Munich at 2 locations Your representative office is available to you immediately and without complications in various versions. These include individual offices, team offices, shared offices and executive offices. With us, you not only get the ideal office in Munich, but also access to exquisite conference rooms and first-class office services, all under one roof.

When you rent an office at Satellite Office in Munich, you automatically receive one of our memberships. These give you access to all Open Spaces in our Satellite Offices. Regardless of the location of your rented office, you can use any of our coworking spaces. Further information can be found at: Coworking Space Munich

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Upsizing or downsizing at any time

Location. Location. Location.

High-speed Internet

Rentable by the hour and by the day

Elegant offices

Flexible booking of conference rooms

Flipchart incl. Moderation case optional

Call answering in your company name

Honored with awards

Mail acceptance & Forwarding

Print jobs and printers

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Single Office rent
in Munich

Would you like to rent an elegant individual office in Munich that perfectly suits your lifestyle and way of working? Naturally at a prestigious business address in an imposing building? With our individual offices in Munich, we have the optimal solution for your problem. Our modern private offices are designed to offer a particularly prestigious ambience and at the same time a working atmosphere that ensures focus and clarity when working. Meetings on a small scale can easily be held in our individual offices in Munich, for larger gatherings you are welcome to use our beautiful meeting rooms. For you as an office tenant, of course, offered at a discount and flexibly available!

Team Office rent
In Munich

These offices in Munich are designed to promote communication in teams without creating a hectic working atmosphere. We guarantee this with our in-house pureSilent® room concept, which is characterized by high-quality office furniture, tactile materials, clear lines and well thought-out placement of office elements. Our offices in Munich are ideal for working groups of up to 6 people and offer space for innovative ideas and more productive collaboration, even for teams that are already experienced. In contrast to open-plan offices, we can offer a working atmosphere that promotes a rapid exchange of information and ensures maximum productivity in your team. You can book 5-, 10- or 20-day tickets for additional project-related employees to accommodate them at our flexible workstations. In this way, you can adapt the office space precisely to your permanent staff and expand at any time. Give your team the office they deserve.

Day Office rent
in Munich

Your extravagant office in Munich can be rented for as little as one hour. Ensuring the highest quality without sacrificing agility is deeply rooted in our concept. We make the most of this concept with our day offices. Elegant office furnishings are combined according to the pureSilent® concept to create an unusual office that you can rent for as little as one hour. Ideal for business travelers who want to work in style and under the best conditions or home office workers who want a prestigious setting for a customer meeting. All you need for your time in our day offices in Munich is your device, our team and our comprehensive office world will take care of the rest. The office service team welcomes your guests and takes care of administrative tasks while you concentrate on the important things.

Welcome to your day office in Munich

Executive Office rent
In Munich

Our executive offices in Munich, equipped with the finest interior design, are the ideal choice for anyone looking for a spacious and spectacular office in Munich. You can start working in your dream office right away without having to wait long and without the cost of new office equipment. Satellite Office's professionally trained staff will take care of your administrative tasks so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. With us, you don't just rent an office in Munich, but an entire office world that flexibly adapts to your needs.

Welcome to your exclusive executive office in Munich!

Rent your office
at the best addresses in Munich

Mit der richtigen Geschäftsadresse platzieren Sie Ihr Geschäft in der Spitzenklasse. In Munich, the Ludwigpalais at Ludwigstrasse 8 and the old Hopfenpost at Hopfenstrasse 8 are available for this purpose. Both business addresses have a reputation that will make business partners sit up and take notice far beyond the borders of Munich. Renting an office in a location of this quality is usually very cost-intensive and inflexible due to long terms. Thanks to the sharing concept, Satellite Office offers a cost-efficient option that doesn't mean you have to do without any benefits. Away from the address, the locations of both offices impress with iconic magnificent buildings that are an integral part of Munich's history. Impress your guests with your new office in Munich even before they enter!

Who should rent which office
in Munich?

We offer a large number of offices for rent in Munich But which one is right for you? The requirements for an optimal office are as varied as our customers. A sales employee who receives customers and makes a lot of phone calls needs an individual office with the option of receiving guests, i.e. a sales office. Agile project teams need a working atmosphere that fosters creativity and a sophisticated room design that simplifies communication - a team office. For business people who attach particular importance to a spacious office with a prestigious look, our executive offices are the right choice. These elegant offices in Munich represent the absolute top class in our range of offices and inspire everyone who enters them. Get in touch with us, we have an office in Munich that suits you and your business!

Rent sustainable offices in Munich
– Sharing is Caring

Renting an office in Munich from Satellite Office is incredibly sustainable due to the nature of a business center. "Sharing" has become an integral part of today's world and has been our concept since 1997. At that time, Satellite Office's main interest was to make your offices more efficient. With increasing awareness, we realized that efficient offices are also sustainable offices. In our offices in Munich, we share office service staff, conference rooms and work materials, as well as the bistro, the open space and our cleaning staff. In this way, the resources in our company are used optimally and we make our contribution to conscious consumption. With your office in Munich, you always get as much office space as you need at any given time. This saves you costs and supports us in our mission of a sustainable office.

You would like to rent an office in Munich?
Why not hire the staff at the same time?

In our Satellite Offices you don't just rent an office in Munich, but an office with service. Although our attractive and elegant offices could undoubtedly be described as the heart of our business centers, it is the first-class office service staff who turn a business center into a Satellite Office. The highest level of professionalism awaits you, both when welcoming and looking after your guests. Secretarial work is carried out on your behalf, the mail and telephone service also relieves you and creates space for your core business activities. If you need a meeting room, our award-winning meeting rooms will be prepared according to your requirements. If required, we can support you with sophisticated catering and discreet service during your meeting. This not only saves you personnel costs and training expenses, you can also be sure that all processes run smoothly. We take care of all the administrative work so that you can concentrate on your core business undisturbed. Welcome to your office in Munich with excellent office service!

Rent representative offices
flexibly in Munich

At Satellite Office in Munich, you can rent offices that are characterized by their immediate availability and flexible contract terms. We are setting new standards in a real estate segment in which rental agreements are often rigid and come with long terms and high rental costs. With Satellite Office, you have the option of renting and canceling at short notice without having to compromise on quality. Enter our all-encompassing office world by renting your offices in Munich and stay agile. In times of economic uncertainty, it is crucial to react quickly to new challenges. Relocation and expansion or downsizing are possible at any time. From a single office to your own office floor, we offer you the office that suits your requirements.

Welcome to Satellite Office in Munich - representative, flexible and tailor-made for your success.

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