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With a first-class Business Adress in Hamburg like Neuer Wall 10 or Ballindamm 27, you can immediately enhance the image of your company. A prestigious address exudes seriousness even before the first contact, creates trust and forms the basis for successful customer acquisition. At the same time, your private address remains exactly what it should be - private!
If you wish, you can use your business address in Hamburg as the company address for your commercial register entry. Alternatively as a pure business address for a branch office. In both cases, you have a first-class address without having to rent a physical office. This saves you running costs and allows you to meet business partners at your business address in one of our day offices or conference rooms in Hamburg if required. Of course, you are also a welcome guest in our coworking space. Our office service also sets up mail forwarding and processes your mail and parcels as required.

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Satellite Office Hamburg
Gutruf Haus

Neuer Wall 10 / Ecke Jungfernstieg
20354 Hamburg

Satellite Office Hamburg

Ballindamm 27
20095 Hamburg

Rent a registered business address for your imprint

The first thing many visitors to your website look at is the legal notice. It is the virtual business card of every company, so it is essential for your online presence to use an address that inspires confidence. Mit unseren Geschäftsadressen in Hamburg stärken Sie also die digitale Außenwirkung Ihrer Marke und können sich in der Luxusklasse platzieren ohne ein Büro anzumieten. This way, your customers know even before the first contact that they are dealing with a high-caliber to do. This not only increases the number of your sales and inquiries, but also immediately puts you in a better negotiating position.

It is also attractive for some companies to be active at several locations. In addition to your business address in Hamburg, you can rent any number of business addresses in the best locations in various cities from us and thus be present with branch offices at different addresses in your imprint without having to rent a physical office.

Your best address.

Is from now on also in Hamburg.

  • First class business address
  • Unlimited mail and parcel acceptance
  • Master Membership
  • Access to the Open Space incl. free WiFi (fair use)

additionally bookable:

  • Your company sign on the signage system in the foyer
  • Postscan. Scan-to-Mail Flat Rate
  • Telephone secretariat. Always available

Business address in Hamburg

By renting a virtual company address in Hamburg, you get the benefits of a prestigious business address without the obligations associated with a physical office in Hamburg. In this way, you can open up and test a new market or benefit as an entrepreneur from a professional business address without having to invest in your own office.

Customers often feel more comfortable interacting with service providers from their own region, even if the services can easily be provided online. Mit einer virtuellen Geschäftsadresse können Sie also Nähe zum Kundenstandort simulieren, ohne in einen neuen physischen Standort mit Büro zu investieren. Particularly attractive for digital service providers. A business registration and entry in the commercial register can also be made on request.

Rent your business address in Hamburg and protect your private address

If you regularly receive business mail but still receive it at home, renting a business address in Hamburg may be a solution for you. Our mail service will set up mail forwarding for you so that you can still receive your mail at home. If you wish, we can scan your mail and send it to you digitally. This keeps your private address protected and private.

A virtual address in Hamburg can be an ideal complement to your home office or coworking space, especially for those who work in an agile way. In this way, you protect your privacy and at the same time enable your customers and business partners to send you important information without the risk of it being sent to your private address by mistake. If you would like to hold customer meetings at your prestigious business address in Hamburg, you can rent conference rooms, meeting rooms or a day office at a discount. For a change from working at home or networking, you can also work at your office address in a coworking space in Hamburg. If you are on the road, all other satellite offices are of course also available to you.

Business address with office service Telephone service & Mail service with mail forwarding

With an office in Hamburg at Satellite Office, you have access to our high-quality office service in our business centers. These service benefits are also available to you when renting a business address in Hamburg. Our parcel and postal service accepts your consignments and forwards them. On request, we also offer a scanning service to receive your mail digitally - naturally under strict confidentiality, as is the case with all our services! You also have the option of collecting your mail in person if you work in coworking, book a meeting room or are simply in the vicinity. Our telephone service offers you a dedicated telephone number and professional handling of your calls by our team. We take calls in your company name and can record or forward all relevant information if required. This office service saves you time and allows you to concentrate on your core business without having to rent your own office.

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