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Rent office space in Berlin
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Exclusive offices and office space at the best addresses in Berlin Mitte and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, ready for immediate occupancy and with flexible terms.

Rent your flexible office or an entire office space in Berlin in one of the 4 historic buildings that now house our Satellite Office Business Centers. Fantastic office space in all variations at prestigious business addresses that convey seriousness and competence as soon as you read the business card, coupled with first-class office services and impressive conference rooms. With us, you're not just renting an office space in Berlin, you're renting a complete office world that gives you more space for your core business.

When you rent an office or office space from Satellite Office in Berlin Mitte or Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, you automatically receive one of our memberships. These give you access to all coworking spaces in our properties. Regardless of the location of your office space or rented office, you can use any of our coworking spaces in Germany and Switzerland.

Further information can be found at: Coworking Space Berlin

Your benefits


Upsizing or downsizing at any time

Location. Location. Location.

High-speed Internet

Rentable by the hour and by the day

Elegant offices

Flexible booking of conference rooms

Flipchart incl. Moderation case optional

Call answering in your company name

Honored with awards

Mail acceptance & Forwarding

Print jobs and printers

Single office in
Berlin rent

Private office space for more focus and peace

A single office in Berlin at Satellite Office is the ideal solution for you if you are looking for a stylishly furnished office space at a prestigious business address that perfectly suits your lifestyle and way of working. The focus of this modern office space is on an optimal working atmosphere and a representative ambience. This office space in combination with our office service is the ideal solution for anyone who doesn't need an entire office space but still wants to enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art office in the best locations in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Berlin Mitte. Smaller meetings can be held in your individual office in stylish surroundings. For larger meetings, we also recommend the use of our exclusive conference rooms in Berlin, which can not only be booked by the hour, but are also offered at a discount to you as the tenant of an office.

Team office in
Berlin rent

Fast communication and optimal atmosphere

We offer team offices in Berlin for companies that want their project teams to work better together. These support the interaction of your employees without creating a restless working atmosphere. These offices in Berlin are ideal for working groups of up to 8 people and create the perfect basis for more efficient and productive collaboration, even in well-established teams. In contrast to open-plan offices, a quiet working atmosphere prevails here, which ensures a quick exchange of information. Maximum productivity is achieved with the help of our pureSilent® concept. There is also the option of placing project-related employees at our flexible workplaces with 5-, 10- or 20-day tickets if required. In this way, you can adapt your office space precisely to your permanent employees and at the same time remain flexible in the event of changes in the project team. Give your team new space so that your team has room for new ideas!

Day Office rent
in Berlin

Office space for rent as a private office by the hour

Ensuring flexibility while maintaining the highest quality is a top priority for our offices and office space in Berlin. Our day offices implement this concept to perfection by combining the finest furniture according to the pureSilent® room concept and thus creating prestigious workspaces that you can rent by the hour or by the day and, of course, commission-free. These office spaces are ideal for concentrated work or the stylish reception of guests at the highest level.
You only need to bring your laptop with you during your use of these office spaces. The Satellite Office team and our flexible office environment take care of all your needs. In addition to your office, you can also take advantage of optional services of the highest quality. Secretarial work such as telephone or mail service is available on a flexible basis. Of course we also offer you first-class coffee.

Welcome to your day office in Berlin!

Executive Office rent
in Berlin

Your executive office with premium office service

If you are looking for an elegant and luxurious office in a spectacular property with first-class interior design, then our executive offices in Berlin are the ideal choice for you. For an immediate start and high entry costs for office furnishings, you can start working straight away. Our carefully trained office service takes care of your administrative tasks so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. With us, you don't just rent an office in Berlin, but benefit from a ready-made office environment that can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of you and your company.

Welcome to your elegant executive office in Berlin!

Office Space rent
in Berlin

Would you like a little more office? Then why not rent an entire space in Berlin!

At Satellite Office you not only get the most beautiful office space in Berlin Mitte and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, but also have the opportunity to rent an entire office space commission-free, with all the advantages that a business center brings. This means that you remain flexible even when renting an entire space and can downsize to individual offices at any time. Either way, you benefit from first-class office services and do not have to rent an entire property, but can rent some of our properties at the best addresses in the city. Of course, we also let our office space completely commission-free and save our clients another part of the initial investment that an office space in Berlin entails.

Rent an office in Berlin Mitte and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Position yourself and your business in the top class. Renting an office at one of our business addresses, whose reputation extends far beyond the city limits, is often cost-intensive and associated with long contract periods and waiting times. Satellite Office enables you to rent offices immediately in Berlin's most sought-after boulevards. But not only our business addresses are special, all our Berlin offices are located in magnificent properties that give you a feeling of the extraordinary as soon as you enter the reception area. Flexible terms, which are normally excluded for offices at this level, are offered by Satellite Office as standard when renting all our offices in Berlin. You only pay for as much office as you currently need, for as long as you need it.

Rent an office at a business address in Berlin that really suits you!


Efficient & Environmentally friendly

Renting an office in Berlin at Satellite Office offers several advantages due to the concept of the business center. The term "sharing" is not only on everyone's lips at the moment, but has been firmly anchored in Satellite Office's business concept since 1997. We not only share office service staff, conference rooms and work materials, but also the bistro, the open space and our cleaning staff. Originally created for reasons of cost efficiency and speed, we now realize that this concept is unimaginably sustainable for real estate. Our resources are limited, which is why we always pay attention to the sustainability factor in our flexibly rentable offices in Berlin. With us, you rent as much office space as you need, flexibly and commission-free, which is why there is no unused space - another sustainability factor.

Welcome to your office in Berlin, where sustainability and luxury come together.

Which of our offices in Berlin
should they rent?

The right office for your business

At Satellite Office in Berlin, we offer various office concepts to meet the specific requirements of your company. Individual needs shape different employees' ideas of their ideal working environment. Sales staff who regularly make phone calls and receive business partners will find the right solution for their negotiations in our individual offices with side table or sales offices. Creative project teams, on the other hand, need a stimulating, bright and modern working atmosphere, which is why our light-flooded team offices are specially designed to promote communication between tenants. Our commission-free executive offices are the ideal choice for business people who attach particular importance to a prestigious and spacious office. Exquisitely furnished and equipped with the latest technology, these offices represent the pinnacle of our space offering. Here you get the ideal platform for your business, and the reception of your guests in our properties becomes an outstanding experience. We warmly welcome you to your tailor-made office in Berlin!

rent an office in berlin?

With us, you not only rent an office, but also the office service staff!

Although our impressive offices in Berlin may be the focal point of our satellite offices on the outside, the true quality of our business centers lies in the first-class office staff. Here the reception and care for you and your guests is carried out at the highest level. Secretarial work is carried out on your behalf, the mail and telephone service relieves your employees and gives you more time for your core business. If you need a meeting room, our award-winning meeting rooms will be prepared to your liking. Fine catering including service during the meeting is no problem. Naturally with the utmost discretion. This way, you not only save on personnel costs and training expenses, but you can also be sure that everything will run smoothly - we take care of all organizational and administrative matters for you so that you can concentrate on your core business without interruption. Welcome to your office in Berlin with a unique office service!


Commission-free letting - first-class advice

Satellite Office does not use brokers and offers you our in-house director as your contact for all questions regarding our real estate in Berlin. This enables us to let our space commission-free and at the same time provide you with the best possible advice. Our director is not an estate agent, but the manager of all Satellite Office properties in Berlin and an absolute expert in offices and modern working methods. He knows each of our properties like the back of his hand and can therefore recommend the best property and therefore the best space for you and your company. All of our Berlin properties are unique and specialized in different areas. Feel free to contact our director, who will give you the best advice.


The offices offered for rent by Satellite Office in Berlin are characterized by their flexibility and the commission-free option of moving in without a waiting period. In our real estate segment, where conventional rental agreements are often inflexible and long terms are the industry standard, we are setting new standards. At Satellite Office you will find prestigious offices in the best locations in Berlin, the rental period of which you can determine yourself. In combination with our comprehensive office world, you and your company remain as agile as possible. In times of economic uncertainty, it is crucial to be able to react quickly to new challenges. Relocation and upsizing or downsizing are possible at any time. From a single office to your own office floor, we are your partner who adapts to your individual situation.

Welcome to your office in the best location in Berlin - representative, flexible and tailor-made for your success.

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