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Flexible workplaces on the rise. Companies are rethinking and restructuring office space.

20. July 2022

BU: Flexible office. Day office “Goethe” at Satellite Office in Frankfurt.

Trend toward flexible workplaces Berlin, May 26, 2021 – The upward trend toward flexible working weakened slightly temporarily in the corona year 2020, but will pick up full speed again in 2021. The growth drivers are medium-sized and large companies, which mainly rent single, two-bed and three-bed offices on a flexible basis. At the same time, they often downsize their own office space and save on rent and operating costs. Especially in combination with home office, this way of working is in line with the zeitgeist. The trend toward traditional coworking that has persisted for years is weakening. Pandemic health concerns in open-plan offices are too great. At Satellite Office, for example, requests for coworking space were down 80%, while requests from companies for single to three-person offices were up 60% compared to the same period last year.

Reunite people to work
Satellite Office is working with leading companies to help shape the “New Normal” after Corona. The main aim is to bring people safely back together – digitally, but above all in analog form. The increased need for protected, secure workplaces, which at the same time enable an exchange with colleagues, is met. “We want to create a new working world in harmony with cost and time savings and the idea of using resources sparingly,” says Anita Gödiker. However, Satellite Office laid the first foundations for more quiet, mindfulness and technical exchange even before Corona with the development of the “pureSilent” Line 2019. “Corona has strengthened and accelerated this path,” reports Anita Gödiker.

Survey result: flexibility is the biggest argument
The trend of sharing offices is not only cost-effective for companies, but also sustainable. For a long time now, it has not just been the creative industries or start-ups that work flexibly. Banks, law firms, management consultants and engineering firms are the majority of Satellite Office tenants. According to a survey by Satellite Office, the flexibility that shared office space offers is the main selling point for its steady growth. In the process, 123 companies were asked by Satellite Office what the deciding factor was for them in renting flexible offices. 60% cited flexibility, 25% cost savings, 10% sustainability, and another 5% cited recruitment benefits. “With this model, companies have many more opportunities to find talented employees. Because they can now recruit worldwide, because they are no longer tied to one company location or one country,” Gödiker reports from daily practice.

Post Corona scenario
Satellite Office opened two new workspaces in the financial markets of Hamburg and Frankfurt last year. In Berlin, 158 luxury-class workplaces were created at a prominent Ku’damm location. Concrete discussions are underway for two additional sites. Company director Anita Gödiker assumes that demand will continue to rise. “It must be taken into account that this can also happen out of necessity. We see this especially in the SME sector when subsidies have to be paid back or expire. If the core business and the idea are still good, Satellite Office is happy to assist these companies for a successful re-launch at a good address with excellent office space.”

About Satellite Office
Satellite Office offers luxurious, flexible workspaces for small and large businesses, freelancers and corporations from desks to conference rooms. Always at the best address in town. Satellite Office stands for quiet, concentrated work in the best company. Memberships range from one month to several years – depending on your needs. Satellite Office is a German company that was founded over 20 years ago by Anita Gödiker and has been managed ever since. In total, the “flexible workspaces” company now has eleven locations in Germany and Switzerland.

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