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Satellite offices as a bonus and lure

03. March 2023

The 1000 ways of working

The variety of ways to work has never been greater. However, how to design attractive hybrid work models is often a big question – and not only in HR departments. Flexible working models are the only way to make management positions really attractive. Salary is no longer the sole deciding factor. This offers enormous potential for positioning the company as an excellent employer. Flexible workspaces such as satellite offices – also known as coworking – are playing an increasingly important role. In recruiting, for example, the distance of the top candidates to the company headquarters does not play a role anymore if you are using Satellite Office. The executive can move into a high-level, modern satellite office in or near his or her hometown for two to three days a week and spend the other days at the company’s headquarters further away. This is a bonus and a lure at the same time! And also a move for personal reasons to another region for personal reasons is no longer a reason for termination. After all, today more than ever it is a question of retaining good employees in the company for the long term.

Meeting Room Marlene Dietrich Berlin
Meeting Room Marlene Dietrich – Satellite Office Kurfürstendamm 15

Flexibility is Key!

“We see a big change in how people want to work. The flexibility of the work location plays a big role in this,” says Anita Gödiker Founder and Managing Director of Satellite Office. More than thirty percent of the customers are now medium-sized companies from the financial sector, the mobility industry, insurance, consulting, the IT sector and, in particular, the pharmaceutical and biochemical industries, which plan to build a relationship with their customers in person on site. “Companies also send certain departments, project groups or executives to a satellite office.” Anita Gödiker explains that there are several reasons for this. On the one hand it is about fresh inspiration new environment, and on the other hand, reduced project times, because the groups can concentrate better in the better in the satellite office environment than in a home office. In addition, the ways to each other are shorter and communication with each other is easier.

It is important to know that “coworking” now exists in many different facets. There are the hip spaces with a focus on community, there are classic providers that focus on individual offices, there are coworking spaces with childcare – and the whole thing still ranges from 1-star to 5-star plus…the list is long. We at Satellite Office occupied the distinctive position in the high-end segment, as you know!