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Boom in business & co-working centers

19. July 2022

Traditional provider Satellite Office increases inquiries up to 60% over previous year

Berlin, May 9, 2017. Co-working areas are currently sprouting from the ground: In hotels, banks and publishing houses, on trains and in airports – you can now find them everywhere, these modern workspaces with wifi and sensible desks for modern laptop workers. Traditional business & co-working centers are also benefiting from this boom.

For Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satelite Office and a pioneer in the business center industry for twenty years, this is hardly surprising: “Digitalization on the one hand and the desire for community with like-minded people on the other are increasing proportionally. The fear of loneliness – also due to modern technology – contrasts with the enormous demand for professional networking. Collaborative workplaces are an ideal solution. The convenience factors, “not having to worry about anything,” also fit into today’s society. Café, snacks, office services, technology, guest hospitality – everything is provided. So that customers can concentrate on their core tasks in an increasingly fast-paced business world,” says the expert.

Twenty years ago, Jamba, mySpace and Pixel Park were already working at Satellite Office in Berlin- and at that time they were real trendsetters in this field. Today, the whole business center industry is booming. Whereas in the late 1980s and 1990s business centers tended to be the stepchildren of office real estate because they were considered noisy and not very attractive, today the wheat is being separated from the chaff. Says Anita Gödiker, “You still find centers where the noise level is high and the dog hair sticks to the sofa. But much, much less than before.” Satellite Office has carved out a position for itself over the past twenty years that places it in the “casual luxury sector.” For lawyers, management consultants, coaches, project offices of large companies and also for politicians and lobbyists, in addition to an excellent address in the city center, a well-kept environment with cordial service is important. Satellite Office is not the home of hipsters. Nevertheless, the positioning in the casual luxury segment is “rapidly being confirmed by the market,” Gödiker adds. Requests for individual offices, open space desks and co-working have increased by 60% compared to the previous year, the entrepreneur is pleased to report. ” People today value quality and efficiency. More and more small businesses are closing their offices and coming to us. More and more have the realization that for up to ten people, life in a business center is simply better than in specially rented office space. Our figures clearly confirm this,” reports the businesswoman. No wonder Satellite Office will open two to three new centers in Germany and Switzerland this year!

About Satellite Office

Satellite Office Business & Co-Working Center creates space for business meetings. In listed, historic properties. In the middle of the center. Always at first-class addresses. Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Zurich. True to the motto: “casual luxury working”.
Made in Berlin! The company was founded in February 1997 by Anita Gödiker. Satellite Office now has seven locations in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Zurich, making it the market leader in the high-end business and conference center sector in Germany. Over 1600 companies use Satellite Office’s services – from international corporations to ambitious start-ups. This year, the medium-sized company turns twenty.

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