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These business meetings are not talked about

19. July 2022


Berlin, September 28, 2017: Job interviews, confidential meetings, meetings with the main competitor – people don’t talk about these meetings, they don’t even take place officially. And yet, every day, people meet on a business basis who would prefer not to be seen. But where can you meet? In the noisy café? Or in the restless hotel lobby? Or book an expensive meeting room long in advance, even though everything is not quite set yet?

Satellite Office 2017 survey records growth in the Meeting & Conferences sector

A recent survey by Satellite Office [1], Coworking & Business Center, speaks a clear language: confidential interviews, extraordinary shareholder events or discreet background discussions are increasingly conducted in coworking and business centers. An increase in meetings of 12 percent overall compared to the previous year is recorded at Satellite Office. “Of course, this also has to do with the election year,” said Anita Gödiker, CEO and owner of Satellite Office. “A lot of behind-the-scenes conversations take place at our three Berlin locations, and many would be surprised by some very unusual political and business pairings,” the managing director smiles.

A real alternative to meetings in hotels

What really counts for sophisticated meetings also emerges from Satellite Office’s survey: very good accessibility, preferably a downtown location, high-quality surroundings, unobtrusive service and plenty of peace and quiet. What was noted as a side note was that a statement is made with a hotel choice, depending on whether 5-star or 3-star is chosen. Coworking and business centers, in contrast, are neutral places that exude a professional business atmosphere. Likewise, the booking of seats can be made spontaneously without advance notice. From a shared cappuccino in the Italian café area to an “invisible” meeting in the fireside lounge or in small meeting rooms with a beautiful view – every meeting can also be requested and booked spontaneously, just a few minutes in advance by phone. Café can be drawn independently and at any time on noble Italian coffee machines. Snacks, soft drinks but also wine and beer are also available around the clock and can be taken even from the bar. This makes Satellite Office Coworking & Business Center a real alternative to hotels in the meeting sector. Anita Gödiker even sees meetings and conferences as the “flywheel of the German and also international economy”. It was precisely these encounters that provided a constant exchange of ideas, experiences and visions for the future.

About Satellite Office

Satellite Office creates space for business meetings. In listed, historic properties. In the middle of the centers of European metropolises. Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf (2018) and Zurich. True to the motto: “casual luxury working”.

Made in Berlin! The company was founded in February 1997 by Anita Gödiker. Satellite Office now has seven locations in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Zurich, making it the market leader in exclusive business and conference centers in Germany. Over 1600 companies use Satellite Office’s services – from international corporations to ambitious start-ups.

[1] Source: Satellite Office customer survey, among 250 participants in Germany and Switzerland, September 2017.