Press release

Satellite Office launches “Egg for Innocence” campaign

19. July 2022

Satellite Office against child pornography

Satellite Office GmbH launches the “Egg for Innocence” campaign today. For a rather symbolic price of 1 euro you get 1 egg and a winning ticket. The company is also donating a total of 260 Satellite Office Membership KeyCards as an incentive for an egg purchase to sell lots of eggs. Because the entire proceeds go after Easter to the associations Dunkelziffer e.V. in Hamburg and Innocence in Danger e.V. in Berlin.

Anita Gödiker, Managing Director and shareholder of Satellite Office, has a history of campaigning against violence against children and against abuse. “I have followed the latest case with much incomprehension. All in all, as a taxpayer, as an entrepreneur and as a human being, my stomach justifiably turns at so much capitulation.” But it is also clear to her that society is called upon to play its part.

That’s how she came up with the idea of the pre-Easter egg sale as a win-win situation for everyone: ticket buyers not only purchase an egg, but also the chance to win one of the coveted Membership KeyCards in three different categories with many benefits and discounts and free access to all public areas of the Satellite Office Business Centers in all locations. Thus 200 master KeyCards, 50 ambassador KeyCards and 10 senator KeyCards are donated free of charge for 6 months each with a total value of approx. 75tsd. Euro. Initially, the idea was to be limited to existing customers, until Anita Gödiker decided to give external companies the opportunity to buy lots of eggs as well. “They don’t have to eat them all. But here, for once, it’s true: a lot helps a lot!” by which she means that every egg is worth every euro, because it goes entirely to the two beneficiary associations. This closes the circle of “winners”, because with this money both associations can finance further projects in the fight against child pornography and the distribution of child pornographic material on the Internet – at least a little bit better.

“With this action we want to make a clear statement for a more responsible society in the fight against child pornography and the acquisition of child pornographic material on the internet. We call on you to stop “messing around” immediately and join in! Clear action is needed here from all of us to ensure that this form of child abuse is not treated as a bureaucratic act or left unaddressed for years due to lack of staff.”