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Satellite Office launches a new line

19. July 2022

Frankfurt becomes first location of the “pureSilent®” line

Berlin, 4. 4. 2019. Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, is causing a stir in the market today. Countering the trend towards large coworking spaces, Satellite Office is taking a new approach with the launch of its second line, “pureSilent®”. This line – as the name suggests – stands for calm and concentration. Deep working, focusing on the essentials, space for reflection and silent dialog are the buzzwords. Satellite Office is thus entering the market with two lines with immediate effect: “pureSilent®” and “newHeritage®”.

About the development of the new “pureSilent®” line

“Our experience shows that the working world no longer wants major distractions, nothing to dull the senses” says the entrepreneur. “We are seeing more and more that people are retreating to quiet corners to work, and the open-plan coworking spaces are often last to be occupied. With the new line, we are taking a more purist approach both in the selection of properties and in the design. Externally, it may well be new, modern buildings in correspondence with the interior design. The line will be more minimalist with clear lines. In terms of color, it moves in the range of gray, blue, eggplant and white. The special focus, however, is on the ear: instead of large open spaces, there are plenty of protected smaller breakout areas, some of which are even soundproofed to ensure a high level of discretion and productive work. State-of-the-art air-conditioned cubes allow for “silent dialog. For “deep working,” there are workstations in screened areas and small offices. Furthermore, there are individual and team offices as well as suites. Acoustics play a central role, as they ensure well-being and a working environment that promotes concentration.

Important partnerships

Satellite Office has brought strong partners on board for the development of the new line. Studies, findings and experience around the topics of coworking, acoustics and ergonomics were incorporated into the design of the new line. The interior designers Kölling Architekten BDA as well as the company Strähle Raum-Systeme on the subject of silent-dialogue acoustics, the company Renz on the subject of office furniture ergonomics and Wagner Living for healthy sitting are involved. Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur is on board for the lounges segment. The scientific basis is, among others, the study of the University of St. Gallen on the topic of “Coworking” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andrea Back.

Delimitation of the two lines

In addition to the new “pureSilent® line,” the traditional line is now available under the name “newHeritage®”. While the new line is used in urban, modern buildings, the newHeritage stays true to historic palazzos in prime locations. Inside, the new line is more purist in blue and light gray, while the newHeritage sticks to the basic colors of red, beige, dark gray. With a keen sense for the pulse of the times, Anita Gödiker never relies on conventional concepts and copy&paste, but develops an independent, coherent line for each location. What all Satellite Offices have in common is the courage to implement unconventional ideas. Regardless of whether urban casualness or purist-luxurious elements form the outer framework – inspiring soul food is provided in all Satellite Office locations. The new findings will be incorporated into both lines. All existing satellite offices will be successively brought up to date.

The first satellite office of the “pureSilent® line” will open in Frankfurt towards the end of 2019.

About Satellite Office

Satellite Office has been one of the best addresses for flexible workplaces for over 22 years. Founder and Managing Director Anita Gödiker’s ideas are responsible for the future-oriented direction of the once traditional business center industry: From the very beginning, she has focused on quality and sufficient space. She has never thought anything of the human “aquariums”. The rapidly expanding company currently has nine locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich.

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