Press release

Satellite Office in Hamburg celebrates its first anniversary

19. July 2022

and market leadership

“Happy Birthday to me….” The Satellite Office team, as pioneers in the Hamburg market for posh offices and office addresses in Hamburg unterwes, has every reason to celebrate!

It’s been just over a year since the Satellite Office Business Center opened in Hamburg. In summary, it has to be said that the Hanseatic League was really waiting for Satellite Office’s office concept. The balanced mix of co-working and customized office solutions, aesthetically designed open areas, conference rooms and lounges, also strikes a chord with Hamburgers.

The enormous demand for furnished offices and office services, for a place for effective working & networking – combined with a historic building and top location, directly at the Jungfernstieg S-Bahn station, has made the medium-sized company the market leader in the high-end sector of the industry within a year. The large American corporation Regus can only marvel at this, preferably with its mouth open – like a fish head.

Satellite Office Business Center offers not only core competence in service and quality but also style and character. The people of Hamburg obviously appreciate this in particular, and so the elite do not join hands under the roof of the Satellite Office Center, but instead join hands with each other there. The personal message “The Mensch is the Message – digital helps, analog decides” is lived here every day and the lounges with the public area have established themselves as a meeting place with “club culture”. The barbecue grill on the terrace is ready, Satellite Office and summer have arrived in Hamburg.

On Thursday, the April 3 this year, the local press joins in the celebration and does not miss the “Satellite Office” experience. On Friday, the April 4, celebrate the customers, celebrate the network.


Until then, best regards Anita Gödiker (CEO / GF /Press)