Press release

Satellite Office Frankfurt: “Best Workspaces 2022” award

20. July 2022

Berlin, March 23, 2022: With the “Best Workspaces 2022” award, the Satellite Office at Frankfurt’s Opernplatz receives another prize for its pureSilent® office concept. “Best Workspaces” is the first international architecture award for intelligent working environments. The competition was announced by Callwey Verlag and realized with its partners BMW Group, the architecture magazine “Baumeister”, the platforms baunetz interior|design and OFFICE DEALZZ as well as the office magazine OFFICE ROXX. An independent jury of experts judged the workspace interiors. The award was offered for the first time in 2020. A new feature this year is that the winners and honorees will be presented in a comprehensive yearbook for the first time.

The award as one of the “Best Workspaces 2022” is already the second recognition after the ICONIC Design Award 2021 from the German Design Council, which Satellite Office received in October 2021. “The time was ripe for a holistic office concept” – Satellite Office CEO Anita Gödiker was sure of that. Together with experts for acoustics, light, haptics and ergonomics, she developed a holistic, completely new room concept for workspaces over a period of one and a half years and called it pureSilent®. In contrast to the open, noisy coworking hype that peaked in 2018, Gödiker focused on quiet and reintroduced attention to the overused five senses. Rooms became the stage for concentrated working together, for Deep Working and Agile Working. Purist design, clean lines, carefully crafted acoustics, finely tuned color schemes and sustainably tactile materials create the innovative environment for a work environment with style, first-class looks and a sense of well-being. These are the room components for high productivity and efficiency at the highest quality level. Gödiker implemented this new holistic office concept together with the architect team Kölling & Partner for the first time in the Satellite Office in Frankfurt.

“I am proud of the Best Workspaces 2022 award. The pureSilent® concept obviously meets the trend of the times. When we developed it, it was ahead of its time, people already felt uncomfortable in the clutter of coworking spaces and efficiency suffered, but it was still pretty cool to work that way. Corona, with all its spacing rules and other hurdles, has brought the need for individual, sheltered workplaces into the mainstream. Suddenly, “cool” was no longer relevant and the reflection on other values began. At this point, we had already implemented the pureSilent® workspaces – while most companies and providers are only now starting to implement them,” Anita Gödiker reports on the path to pureSilent®.