Press release

Satellite Office expands into Switzerland

19. July 2022

From February 2016 Business Center in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse

Berlin, December 1, 2015: It is considered one of the most exclusive shopping miles in the world: Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. At the end of February 2016, Satellite Office will open its first Swiss business center on three floors here in the “Gryffenberg” building. The well-known German business center provider with headquarters in Berlin is thus expanding into other European countries for the first time.

A logical step for Anita Gödiker, founder and managing partner of Satellite Office: “In recent years, I have been repeatedly approached about the Zurich location. From our point of view, now is exactly the right time for expansion. The market is there and we can offer companies the perfect office infrastructure on Bahnhofstrasse. I have visited many properties and have now found the absolute jewel for our customers in the “Gryffenberg” building, with which we can and will set completely new standards. I’m looking forward to Zurich and taking the next step with Satellite Office!”

Satellite Office in Gryffenberg House

The new business center is located between Paradeplatz and Bürkliplatz at Bahnhofstrasse 10, corner of Börsenstrasse. Right in the heart of Zurich. Satellite Office customers will be able to settle here from February 2016: On a total area of 646 sqm, a total of 14 luxuriously furnished offices, 2 conference rooms and modern open spaces for flexible workplace use will be created.

The property has been renovated over the past two years at enormous expense by PSP Swiss Property Ltd in close cooperation with the architectural firm Spühler Partner Architekten. “On the one hand, our goal was to preserve and refurbish the historic building. On the other hand, we wanted to transfer the property into the 21st century in order to meet contemporary usage requirements. In our view, this has been very successful. A highlight are the offices with bay windows and a view over the “Zürisee”,” says Giacomo Balzarini, CFO of PSP Swiss Property Ltd. “We are very pleased that in Satellite Office we have been able to win over a top-class service provider that will open up an office world for both national and international companies that turns working into an experience. This will enrich and revitalize Zurich as a business location.”

The listed house “Gryffenberg” was built in 1883-1885 in the style of the German late Renaissance by a student of Gottfried Semper – architect Albert Müller. The builder of the former residential and commercial building at the time was Adolf Guyer-Zeller, the administrative president of the Swiss Northeast Railway.