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Satellite Office continues to expand

19. July 2022

New location in Berlin opens in 2020

Berlin, June 27, 2019. The house at Kurfürstendamm No. 15, also known as “Mampe’s good parlor”, is one of the most sought-after properties in Berlin. Satellite Office won the competition for the lease and will offer modern and luxurious flexible workspaces, offices and conference rooms there from late summer 2020. “This project gives me particular pleasure in Satellite Office’s hometown,” said Anita Gödiker, founder and CEO of Satellite Office. “Here, the requirements of the latest generation of flexible workplaces will meet and excitingly complement empirical values from over twenty years,” the Berlin resident by choice continues.

Ku’damm 15 becomes fourth Satellite Office location in Berlin.

The lease of more than 2,300 sqm covers the entire Art Nouveau complex of the Kudamm 12-15 development project. Satellite Office is thus opening its fourth location in Berlin, in addition to other offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich. The other Satellite Office addresses in the capital are also impressive: Haus Cumberland at Kurfürstendamm 194, Alte Postdirektion at Französische Straße 12 and Römische Hof, Unter den Linden 10. Concentrated, quiet work in cultivated surroundings, upscale company and at the best address – this is what Satellite Office focuses on in the now hotly contested market for coworking and flexible workplaces. Anita Gödiker: “This house is just great. How often I used to eat a salad here at the Marché! To be able to develop a new-generation satellite office on this site together with the owner – the Düsseldorf-based Centrum Group and the renowned Kahlfeld architectural firm – is both a gift and a major task. With great care and professionalism, we will breathe new life into the building. In doing so, we will translate the fantastic stories the building tells into design for fine work.”

About Satellite Office

A good address and well-kept, luxurious office space make an impression. To business partners, customers and high potentials. Also and especially in our digital world, in the middle of the “War of Talents”. There is no alternative for temporary working groups. Flexibility and mobility without a long-term rental contract are the decision parameters of today. All Satellite Offices are always in the best location. Work is done in the best company. Everything is set up so that work can be done in a concentrated and quiet manner. Satellite Office has been operating with two lines since this year: The “newHeritage-Line” and the “pureSilent-Line”. Both have a lot in common, but they differ in the equipment. While the “newHeritage” comes in a proven design, the “pureSilent” is modern and minimalist. Which of the two lines will be used at Ku’damm 15 is still being planned.