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19. July 2022

Three good reasons for the growing need for flexible workplaces

Berlin, September 21, 2015: Dynamic, highly qualified, tech-savvy….Today’s people are clamoring for flexible workplaces. “In-between worlds” such as trains, airports and hotel lobbies are becoming mobile offices. Work is done wherever there is a good WLAN connection. The classic office is now just one of many places where work is done. Companies are increasingly virtual and decentralized. And this also has an impact on the real estate of companies – whether medium-sized, large corporations or freelancers. The challenge is to create workplaces that are as diverse and flexible as the working population itself.

Satellite Office, a leading provider of high-quality business and conference centers throughout Germany, has been recording a steadily increasing demand for temporary offices and conference rooms for eighteen years – whether individual offices, team offices or, increasingly, integrated coworking spaces. In these flexible and openly designed areas, people meet, work together and are spatially connected in the process. The space offered is supplemented by a range of services, including secretarial, telephone and mail services as required. Anita Gödiker, CEO of the Berlin-based company, describes three good reasons for the steadily increasing demand:

  1. The increasing, global project business, which is often also short-term, requires offices with high flexibility at just as short notice. This demand cannot be met quickly enough by traditional office space. The search for own real estate is time-consuming, the mostly long-term renting and furnishing much too cost-intensive.
  2. Well-managed and large business centers offer, in addition to the pure temporary workplace (bookable from one day up to many months), additional services such as team assistants, mail and telephone service. The company does not need to hire and maintain its own personnel.
  3. Satellite Office business centers provide support for flexibility, globalization and also rapid growth of companies of any size. They are representative, have the best location in any city and top equipment.

Anita Gödiker reports from the field: “Everyone is talking about the office of the future. Microsoft, Siemens and many other large corporations have reported in recent weeks that their own stationary offices are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. We are seeing more and more of this movement among medium-sized companies, which are becoming increasingly international, and also among freelancers. And that’s not looking to the future but to the day.”

A Satellite Office business center is comparable to a good hotel: the guest mix is international, the lobby-like areas are used for business meetings and the fine Italian café in between, while work is done in the individual and team offices and in the co-working spaces. Coupled with a pleasant working atmosphere and absolute flexibility, because workstations and offices can be booked by the day like a hotel room, the “business center” model is in keeping with the spirit of the times.


Satellite Office creates space for flexible workplaces and business meetings. In listed, historic properties. In the middle of large metropolises. Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Vienna.

Made in Berlin! The company was founded in February 1997 by Anita Gödiker. At that time, the Berlin resident by choice opened her first Office & Business Center at Checkpoint Charlie. She had a vision to offer flexible and individual offices, workplaces and office services with a very personal service to demanding customers. The manufactory idea in the modern office world. Just-in-time. Just-in-Place. And at a fair price!

Satellite Office is now the market leader in the high-end business, coworking and conference center sector in Germany with six locations in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Over 900 companies use Satellite Office’s services – from international corporations to ambitious start-ups. And Anita Gödiker brings the decision-makers together. On fireside evenings. By Mail. Or very personally in a 1-to-1 conversation.