Press release

Grandiose start of the exhibition

19. July 2022


Hamburg, April 24, 2015 – Yesterday, for the first time, photo designer Stefan Schöning exhibited his work in Hamburg at the Satellite Office Business Center. 250 renowned guests from business and politics of the Hanseatic city, as from all over Germany traveled to New York with his fascinating photos – what a great evening!

With the exhibition “NYC dayNight in black&white” Stefan Schöning puts the artistic component of his work in the focus and inspired all spectators with his photo series of the Big Apple at the opening ceremony. Saxophonist Birte Jessel shone with musical pieces ranging from jazz to soul, rounding out the evening at New York Flair. The perfect setting was provided by the Satellite Office Business Center Hamburg, with its innovative office infrastructure – inspired by American models!

The USA, and New York in particular, are pioneers in the design of flexible workplaces. The trend that is clearly emerging is aptly summed up in one word: “Sharing”! In Germany, too, the concept of sharing is already working extremely well in many industries and sectors. Cars are shared here, as are apartments, jobs and, in the wake of the increasingly dynamic entrepreneur, who can pursue his business anywhere and at any time with mobile devices and ubiquitous Internet, of course offices as well. After all, the frequent traveler does not need a permanent office but only an occasional workplace, at best one in a professional business environment, sometimes in Berlin, then in Hamburg or in Munich.

The Satellite Office Business Center in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg meets the rapid developments to ever more dynamic working environments. Here, the classic office center skillfully merges with open coworking spaces to create a modern office infrastructure that completely redefines flexible workplaces and office space use. Pre-furnished and lockable offices for sole use have been conceptually developed further into a shared office, so that entrepreneurs can share a team office with several companies and thus also share the office costs. Another innovative feature is the coworking space, which is located in a separate and quiet area of the business center and allows concentrated work instead of loud open-plan noise. Closed office boxes based on the American model are available for frequent callers.

Last but not least, the ubiquitous worlde wide web, smartphones and tablets make effective networking increasingly necessary and ever more important. Terms from the States, such as Silicon Valley, web 2.0, google and Facebook, have long since burned themselves into our everyday lives and have become indispensable. Here, too, people share: Contacts, opinions, emotions, images. How can we incorporate this current from the USA into the design of a future-oriented working world, when at the same time we have to consider that the real business is closing vis-a-vis? With courage and a lot of ingenuity, with generously designed open spaces that invite the exchange of ideas and with meeting rooms for discreet discussions or negotiations. With a spacious bistro bar and many open lounge areas in vintage look, which exude a cosmopolitan yet private atmosphere, Satellite Office revolutionizes the business center industry in Hamburg! Here you can also see, “like” and discuss the works of photo designer Stefan Schöning.

If you ask the artist: “What makes a good picture?” he answers: “Creativity! Courage to take new perspectives. The experience to wait for the right moment and the eye for the special.” How fitting that he exhibits his works at the Satellite Office Business Center and at the same time for the first time in Hamburg. Because here, too, creativity, experience and the special come together. The combination of the office world and the impressive photos of the exhibition “NYC dayNight in black&white” once again provides innovative impulses and fuel for professional creativity.

Two Emslanders bring New York to Hamburg!

Stefan Schöning was born in 1959 in Haren/Ems and successfully completed his studies in visual communication at the FH Dortmund. Since 1987 he has been working as a freelance advertising photographer in the field of corporate presentation.
His first exhibition in the Hanseatic city is a further step towards focusing more on the artistic component of his work.

Anita Gödikerwas born in Haselünne in Emsland, Germany, and moved to Berlin in 1988 as a consultant and sales representative for medical computers at Siemens. In 1993, she was honored as the best branch manager. In 1997 she went into business for herself and founded Satellite Office Business & Conference Center GmbH Berlin. Currently, her company has four locations in Berlin (Charlottenstrasse 68, Friedrichstrasse 200, Unter den Linden 10 “Römischer Hof”, Kurfürstendamm 194 “Haus Cumberland”), and one location each in Hamburg at Neuer Wall 10/corner of Jungfernstieg and Munich at Ludwigstrasse 8 in Ludwigpalais.