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Business Center – Satellite Office: “Real-life LinkedIn

19. July 2022

The network hubs of the 21st century

Networks often determine personal career paths. The decisive factor is not necessarily what you can do, but rather who you know. An optimal and contemporary platform for business interactions are business centers. Do you need a patent attorney? Next door on the right, between the financial advisor and the motivational speaker…

The history of business networking

Already in the 17. and 18th century coffee houses sprang up around the London Stock Exchange, where businessmen met to discuss “big business.” This role was then taken over in the 19th century the classic British gentleman’s clubs. Here, London’s influential businessmen socialized among their peers. A basic idea that has continued in elite sports clubs, boarding schools or social clubs.
However, advancing digitalization has made the topic of “networking” much more multi-layered, international and complex today. In addition to the more traditional networks that people build up through physical contacts in universities, golf clubs, associations and companies, there are also the virtual contacts via social networks.

Satellite Office: “Real-life Linked-in”

Anita Gödiker, founder and managing partner of Satellite Office, is an experienced networker: “I still find it fascinating how many contacts we can manage today through social networks. From my point of view, however, the abundance of contacts does not only have advantages. The more contacts you have, the more confusing it becomes. And that is counterproductive. Contacts only remain resilient if they are maintained appropriately. I’d rather have 200 top contacts I can rely on than 2,000 I don’t really know.”

In her high-end business centers in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich, Gödiker takes on the role of a “real-life linked-in” in person. Because she uses her personal network primarily to connect her customers with the right contacts. It now has more than 1,000 companies as customers at its seven locations – from individual consultants to start-ups and corporate groups. Whenever one of these customers needs a business contact, Gödiker usually has the right business card to offer.

Business Club Bavaria: A new home for networkers in Munich

Satellite Office recently opened its second location in Munich. Directly at the station. Across the street from Bayerischer Rundfunk. In the Old Hop Post. Perfectly located for media professionals and business travelers of all stripes.

“Business is done between people”: True to its motto, the renowned Business Club Bavaria (B.C.B.) has now also moved its headquarters to the new Business Center. Its members experience a space for encounters here that makes networking and collaboration at the highest level possible. The business club’s move to Satellite Office’s modern premises is no coincidence. Members will find a club bistro that is very conducive to communication and can also use the separate co-working area with high-speed Internet, flexible workstations and séparées without an “aquarium-glass effect.”

Business networking and privacy: at Satellite Office, these seemingly contradictory elements are optimally intermeshed. And this is exactly what B.C.B. members are now benefiting from. In addition to free access to the lounge, which is open to them for business meetings, they also receive the benefits of Satellite Office’s “Master KeyCard”. This membership card grants special conditions for meeting rooms or offices, for example, and also guarantees free entry to the other Satellite Office business centers.