Zurich becomes two. Satellite Office Haus Gryffenberg celebrates its birthday.

19. July 2022

By Anita Gödiker, April 12, 2018

I love Zurich! I can say that from the bottom of my heart. It is my absolute favorite city. Joie de vivre, culture, people and nature speak to me, speak almost from my soul.

I am therefore all the more pleased that our Zurich branch is two years old today, April 12. Zurich is for me the jewel in the Satellite Office collection of high quality real estate, offices and workplaces. On the occasion of Satellite Office’s second birthday in Zurich, our Swiss branch shone “like diamonds in the sky”. Together with Ralf Zibung, diamond expert of Zibung Diamond Investment GmbH, we prepared a truly precious birthday surprise for our guests that evening. In each glass at the champagne reception was a small jewel – one was real. So one of our guests went home with a real diamond worth 2,500 SF. If that was not a birthday surprise! With diamonds we associate stability of value and beauty. Attributes that also stand for Satellite Office. In over twenty years, Satellite Office has evolved into a polished diamond. Our branch in Zurich, in the magnificent Gryffenbergpalais, has also contributed to this. Happy Birthday, beloved Zurich!