20th anniversary of Christophe Mouchené at Satellite Office

07. June 2024

A look back at two decades of passion and expertise

In spring 2004, shortly before the opening of the second SATELLITE OFFICE in the Philip-Johnson-Building in Friedrichstraße, directly at the former Checkpoint Charlie, Christophe Mouchené entered the stage of Satellite Office. With one foot on the plane to his honeymoon in the USA, he introduced himself as Commercial Director. As a controller at the Accor Group, he had gained the necessary experience to successfully manage our company’s finances.

He was recommended by our tax consultant at the time, whose tennis partner he was, with the cautious remark: “His German is passable…”

In fact, it was anything but “fair” – it was simply catastrophic. So they switched to English without further ado. Anita Gödiker’s clear statement is legendary: “I need a real number cruncher who has the finances under control. Language is secondary, the main thing is the result!”

With a questioning look, Christophe replied: “You mean something like a beancounter?” Anita countered: “I don’t care about peas or beans, as long as the result is right!”

He must have found this statement amusing, because he flew off on vacation and turned up three weeks later, jet lag included, at the very first SATELLITE OFFICE at Checkpoint Charlie.

20 years of christophe
CEO Anita Gödiker and CFO Christophe Mouchenè

A rock in the surf

After joining our then still young company, Christophe Mouchené accompanied SATELLITE OFFICE through all the ups and downs over the following 20 years. From opening new locations to closing and reopening existing offices – he was always on board and mastered every challenge, especially our expansion course – with stoic calm, clarity and dry humor.

The move from the DomAquareé to Kudamm 194, where the management has shared its office for 12 years, was particularly formative – and with it, of course, the joys and sorrows. But the suffering is very limited.

Symbiosis of success

The collaboration between Christophe Mouchené and Anita Gödiker is characterized by mutual respect, trust and a pinch of healthy controversy. This “almost symbiotic collaboration”, as Anita Gödiker describes it, was the key to the rise of our company.

Thanks to Christophe’s calmness, clarity, dry sense of humor and numerical skills, SATELLITE OFFICE has always been on the rise; Incidentally, all language barriers have also been overcome.

20 years and no end in sight

20 years is a long time, and Christophe Mouchené has played a key role in shaping SATELLITE OFFICE during this time. With his expertise, his commitment and his human nature, he is an indispensable part of our team. We congratulate him wholeheartedly on his anniversary and look forward to many more years of success and joy together!

With this in mind: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s to the next 20 years, Christophe!