Fireplace lounges for stylish meetings

11. July 2024

There are places where you feel at home. They make you feel a bit at home. Where we are also a bit at home, although the address is different.

The magic word is “Third Place” and refers to a place where you can retreat to outside your home (1st Place) or office (2nd Place). For brainstorming, deal-closing or just to relax your senses in peace and comfort.

These places include our fireplace lounges, which have always enjoyed a special status for our customers. Sit by the crackling fireplace on stylish lounge chairs with a direct view of the most beautiful squares in our cities.

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Kaminlounge – Satellite Office Hamburg, Gutruf Haus

Now you can use these retreats for more than just retreating – we have learned from our customers’ requests. They can now also be booked as meeting rooms with conference tables. Discreet conversations by the fireplace – no longer just the three of us.

Equipped with everything you need for your conference: High-speed Internet, digital presentation options, flexible screen solutions for video calls – equipped with everything you need. But also with a feel-good factor!

Whether by the hour or by the day, with exclusive service or other additional services – in the fireplace lounges you offer your customers the best possible space to feel comfortable in a high-quality atmosphere. And that’s what meetings are all about: a productive, feel-good environment. We call this pureSilent®, because our award-winning room concept ensures that you find the peace and quiet that you and your customers need.

The loudest thing you will hear is the crackling of the fireplace.

Try them out – come and visit us. Our teams are looking forward to meeting you!