A future worth living: Satellite Office and the INSTRUMENTUM FOUNDATION

13. June 2024

Fortunately, there are many young musicians with great talent. However, some of these musicians stand out as exceptional talents from the group of highly talented musicians. Listening to these artists is pure pleasure.

At a private summer salon concert in Frankfurt, it was the exceptional 23-year-old violinist Elias David Moncado who enchanted those present with his playing. He is a scholarship holder of the Anne-Sophie-Mutter-Foundation. Together with internationally acclaimed pianist Kasia Wieczorek, the guests were treated to Johannes Brahms and Camille Saint-Saens.

It was no coincidence that these two artists performed together: the evening also marked the launch of a new foundation. The newly established INSTRUMENTUM FOUNDATION makes old master instruments acquired through the foundation’s assets available to young exceptional talents who cannot yet afford these instruments. Both artists are supported by the new foundation.

VIOLIN ASSETS Managing Director Christian Reister is breaking new ground with the non-profit INSTRUMENTUM FOUNDATION to significantly expand the range of opportunities to provide talented musicians with master instruments.

It is a personal concern for SATELLITE OFFICE CEO Anita Gödiker to pass on the idea of good forces working together. This is probably one of the reasons why she was appointed to the foundation’s advisory board. “Christian Reister’s idea of bringing together exceptionally talented people with people who enable them to develop their talent on master instruments as far as possible immediately inspired me.”

Instrumentum Cragedm
( Christian Reister, Anita Gödiker, Elias David Moncado)

Successful companies like SATELLITE OFFICE have an obligation to give something back to society – to get involved. If society is to overcome all the difficult challenges it is currently facing, it needs entrepreneurs who can use their expertise and opportunities to help bridge the gaps.

Anita Gödiker is therefore a keen promoter of art and culture and its establishment at the SATELLITE OFFICE locations.

“In times of social and economic challenges that are increasingly determining our everyday lives, it is our aim to show interested people how we can contribute a little right now to counteract the division in our society and contribute to better coexistence. Music and culture have been doing this for centuries. And this is precisely part of our corporate social and cultural responsibility. We want to – and must – build bridges.”

Many thanks to Christian Reister for an idea from the INSTRUMENTUM FOUNDATION that will very quickly become firmly established in the minds of interested people. SATELLITE OFFICE and the INSTRUMENTUM FOUNDATION. A valuable symbiosis.