Yes, we’re open!

20. July 2022

After what feels like an eternity, Germany slowly opens up. Closed. Most people can no longer hear it or bear it. Have to close! This was the biggest concern in all Satellite Offices at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Finally, we wanted to ensure our companies, who place their trust in us, access to their offices. From the very beginning, the highest security measures were taken – and it was possible that not one center had to close.

Now, Corona’s easing measures continue to pick up steam, with incidence levels dropping across the country. Through the responsible behavior of large parts of society in general and in particular through the mindful behavior of individuals, the trend reversal seems to have been achieved. The solidarity of the companies in all Satellite Offices was and is very great. The middle class and the liberal professions in particular have taken a responsible role in the pandemic at tremendous cost. Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office: “It is time to say thank you! Thanks to the responsible approach in all centers, at the workplaces and especially in the public areas, we managed to have all eleven centers open during the whole period. This is a great community achievement!”

To say it with Udo Lindenberg: Behind the horizon it goes on, a new day! Fortunately, we are now where we are, with the prospect of further opening and a bit of normalcy. However, openings must now be made as quickly as possible, but still responsibly for all areas. The economy can only function if all sectors are opened up, because they are too intertwined. Many companies are currently threatened in their existence. Liquidity is decreasing on a daily basis. This makes it all the more important that politicians, scientists and practitioners work out a solution that does not continue to consist of bans, but of sustainable steps that allow us to take off again. Everywhere. In our satellite offices, we observe that most entrepreneurs are back at work from the home office and enjoy interacting with others in a safe environment.

Insolvencies in the wake of the pandemic

Anita Gödiker also appeals to all those who have to accept very heavy losses: “In the USA, insolvency is also seen as an opportunity, as a chance for a fresh start. That is what I would like to see in Germany after the crisis. It can be healthy to go through an insolvency – and then to get going again. Take your business idea with you, stand by it and implement it with renewed vigor. Take only your core business and leave all ballast behind. Do not make any long-term commitments, but remain flexible. We at Satellite Office continue to stand for flexible solutions for flexible workplaces. We would be happy to talk to you about completely individual solutions.”

Satellite Office KUD15, Berlin