Women power in after lockdown

20. July 2022

She herself is the best example of female power: Anita Gödiker, CEO and founder of Satellite Office, power woman, entrepreneur, Emsländerin. Socially as well as politically engaged and overall a constructively restless spirit, always on the move. During her talk at a networking event organized by the luxury magazine finest – Hamburg’s fine addresses, she spoke about the topic of women and success – and made a plea for bringing momentum into the post-lockdown era.

“The pandemic poses many challenges, especially for women, who predominantly have to bear the multiple burdens of job and family. Whether with young children or elderly parents. Existing inequalities have certainly been reinforced. Debates about gender-conscious language don’t actually help here; clearly more needs to happen,” Anita Gödiker tells us.

But a crisis is always a wake-up call. For women, it’s now time to make a fresh start and make the most of the after-lockdown. Her advice for this path: stay true to yourself, but consistently pursue your own goals. In any case, this has worked out perfectly for Anita Gödiker: She founded Satellite Office in 1997 with the grandiose idea of establishing premium business and conference centers in exclusively prominent locations; in Germany, she is the undisputed market leader in her segment. In addition, the entrepreneur has developed her own award-winning equipment concept for all locations – pureSilent line. And it is in the process of taking the Satellite Office idea around the world – Switzerland made the start.

Woman can succeed – and how!

“Keep your faith in yourself and in life,” is her credo in everything she undertakes. When life turns out to be as unsettled as it is now, she takes a closer look. And is trying, for example, to create more quiet in Satellite Office’s office landscapes: For example, it wants to build more individual and team offices and other small enclosed spaces at all locations – for concentrated, quiet work and greater efficiency. As is well known, there is strength in tranquility. This power, this energy is needed in the time after the lockdown, says Anita Gödiker.

What is your plan for the After-Lockdown, dear reader:in? What recipe for success helps you move your business forward?