With all senses…work!

20. July 2022

“The demands placed on the contemporary workplace are subject to constant change, and a great deal has changed in recent years,” reports Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, at the beginning of our conversation. “In the past, you’d get bulky ceiling washers and that was it for lighting!” Lighting is a good keyword, because in the course of developing the new, design-oriented pureSilent-Line, Anita Gödiker has also intensively addressed this topic. “Lighting is perceived by humans subconsciously. He feels good – or not. Lighting is also a powerful barometer of mood; cleverly used effect lighting sets design highlights, but in no way replaces necessary working light. So you can’t lose sight of the functionality.

Anita Gödiker always considers all five senses when equipping and furnishing the new Satellite Offices – and of course also during renovations: Hearing, seeing and feeling are clearly in the foreground. Jan Teunen, author of the AD article “Most offices are economic spaces, not living spaces. But people are not resources,” adds to this: “We humans are four-dimensional beings. Body, ego, mind and spirit. They all have needs.” In his book “Officina Humana,” Teunen characterizes most offices in companies and also at home as “soulless spaces” and “deserts for people.”

Very classic mistakes regarding lighting in the office are often missing lighting concepts, non-existent sun protection or poor ergonomics in terms of lighting. In the long term, this can lead to health complaints, and performance declines. Daylight is enormously important. The ideal lighting concept for offices combines indirect and direct lighting with a task luminaire. The indirect light from the ceiling provides sufficient basic brightness in the room. With a desk lamp, which is adjustable, the workplace can be illuminated quite individually.

Why we don’t mean a bird when we say “birdie

All Satellite Offices feature a sophisticated lighting system. The basis is always sufficient workplace lighting that is on all day. All workstations are equipped with desk lamps. On the walls are preferably used classic workplace luminaires, replacing a floor lamp, which is usually in the way. These are not only a top design element, but also stand for functionality. Anita Gödiker pays special attention to the reception areas when furnishing. Here you can find mostly impressive design statements from Quasar, Luceplan or Tom Dixon. “Our senses pick up on that,” Gödiker is certain. “A reception area with this lighting creates a sense of well-being and is good for the soul”. One of Anita Gödiker’s favorite design elements is the “Birdie” table lamp – found in the latest fireplace lounges. Ingo Maurer has designed the Birdie, a playful, functional lamp that gives brightness but also a lightness to our fireplace lounges. The lamp is a real eye-catcher due to its playful design, which makes a good mood and meets the purist interior with a wink. Birdie it is called because the many small bulbs of the lamp all have their own wings. This is how offices become living spaces with soul. Welcome to Satellite Office!