When two talk, the third is happy!

20. July 2022

Let’s talk about …

… networks: In the last two years, virtual networks in particular have experienced a strong upswing: Their advantages are undeniable: interesting contacts can be reached quickly, inexpensively and from any workplace. Goods, services or professional inquiries can be offered to a large group of interested parties without much effort via the various professional platforms. In short – digital networks offer numerous opportunities to strategically build industry contacts and exchange ideas in relevant groups.

Face-to-face encounters: a commitment that pays off!

And yet: In addition to this virtual, fast way of networking, it is the real communities in particular that medium-sized companies should cultivate: Face-to-face contact is still unbeatable in terms of efficiency, lasting impression and mental health. Kiki Kuhnert also knows how important the real exchange with like-minded people or even competitors is: She is a brand ambassador and recently became a member of Satellite Office’s advisory board, she is also the founder of the aid organization Dolphin Aid, a recipient of the Federal Cross of Merit and she has developed her own intensive coaching program. “Mental health is a prerequisite for lasting success and cannot be taught virtually. You have to show yourself to the various stakeholders just as you do to your own employees, and ideally respond personally to opportunities or problems. This then has a positive effect on the entire company and productivity,” says Kiki Kuhnert.

Meeting people face-to-face takes more time and energy, but it pays off – especially if networking is planned strategically: Companies should ask themselves which networks give them access to potential cooperation partners, whether multipliers from an industry or region are represented in them, and to what extent they are connected with politics. An overview of existing networks is provided by the chambers of industry and commerce, the local business development agency or the trade association.

“Per se, networking is an activity that bears long-term fruit. For this, the soil must be prepared accordingly, the right seeds placed in the appropriate location so that they can grow and yield,” says Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office.

A very uncomplicated way of networking is the office community, as facilitated in the Satellite Office workspaces: Here, companies meet optimal framework conditions in terms of locations, interests and contact opportunities. “Both the selection of our properties and their furnishings are purposefully designed to generate exchanges and stimulate fruitful business,” says Anita Gödiker. “Personal encounters are the focus, and this is felt by everyone who enters a Satellite Office and is greeted at the reception desk.”

As an alternative to joining an existing network, you can also set up your own entrepreneurial association – this is not at all uncommon. One example is the Satellite Office Advisory Board, a networking forum that, by the way, finally met live again this week – the last two years the meetings were suspended due to pandemic.

Conclusion: Networks are a creative and supportive forum, they can provide assistance on any topic and not only in times of crisis. How important do you consider networking and what benefits do you derive from it? What are your personal experiences and which communities have taken you further?
We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Satellite Office Advisory Board