Welcome, Gerhard Kostka von Liebinsfeld!

20. July 2022

The WOW effect: Best location, best technology, best team in Munich

Gerhard Kostka from Liebinsfeld took over the management of the two Munich satellite offices just under two weeks ago. He has his roots in the hotel industry, most recently as hotel director and regional director of a chain in Bavaria. He sees his future in the areas of “new work” and flexible workspaces. We wanted to know why he chose Satellite Office and what he has written on his agenda for the first one hundred days.

Satellite Office: Welcome aboard! You have decided to bring your ideas and your manpower to Satellite Office. What convinced you about Satellite Office?

Gerhard Kostka von Liebinsfeld: “The ad alone captivated me! The hotel industry has suffered greatly as a result of Corona. During the Corona period, I looked at the market to see what was actually in now, what was in demand, how things were going. I then kept getting stuck on the topic of “New Work”, it fascinated me to observe that so much is changing in this area right now. Many people have done home office in the last few months and noticed that they are missing the peace and business character after all. That feeling of getting out of the house in the morning and being able to focus entirely on professional obligations in a business environment. When you get back to the family in the evening, you can then get fully involved there again. I think a lot of people need that separation, that gets another focus now. This is another reason why so many workspace and coworking companies are entering the market. I particularly liked the fact that Satellite Office is not a start-up, but a grown-up company where high-profile customers look for and find a place to work. At the same time, the excellent location, the noble feel of the materials and the technology is convincing. Coupled with the customized, personal and authentic service mindset that goes into the teams, this was a wonderful combination for me! Best location, best technology, best staff – I think that’s a good starting position. How Satellite Office adapts to the market and develops different products according to new needs in order to offer customers the perfect solution is extremely exciting and promising for me.

By the way, my first meeting was in the newly renovated Ludwigpalais, the first impression when you walk in there was just wow! You can feel the luxury, see the brightness, the light, the technology, the good air, look into the noble bistro corners. I immediately thought, here are areas of work that will take me further, that will clear my head. In this environment, by focusing one hundred percent on the job, ideas can emerge in peace. The task of giving customers everything so they can focus on their work. Anything that may be burdensome, such as ordering paper, cleaning, etc. Satellite Office takes care of. This allows them to focus on their success. An excellent concept, of which I am absolutely convinced and contribute all my labor.

Satellite Office: What are your plans for the first one hundred days?

Gerhard Kostka von Liebinsfeld: The most important thing to me at Satellite Office are the customers. I will get to know all of them first. Then I would like to establish Satellite Office in Munich with a very strong presence in the Bavarian market. Corona is hopefully getting pushed back more and more, customers are coming back to the offices more, a new momentum is building! I want to be well prepared with the team. It is also important to maintain the excellent quality. I will meet all customers in Munich and see if they have exactly the membership and the product from Satellite Office that is best for them. I am determined to establish Satellite Office as the number one in the market in Munich and Bavaria and will ensure that Satellite Office becomes even better known as a “casual luxury workspace”! In short, I take care of customer service first, then market presence, increasing awareness and expanding existing and new structures. To this end, I see the Ludwigpalais location primarily as a workspace for lawyers, private equity, private wealth as well as for family offices and management consultancies from various sectors at the highest level. The second location in the Alte Hopfenpost appeals to many media & technology companies due to its attractive location to the radio station. Around the main station, which is close to the Hop Post, so many interesting complexes with new types of companies are being built, and they are worth discovering.

Equally important to me is the expansion of the meetings business. I think it’s so interesting, as opposed to a hotel, to be able to offer a place that’s suitable for business, where meetings are completely different. Namely, without fixed coffee breaks and a thousand prior arrangements. This “casual” character at meetings, simply going to the coffee machine yourself and quickly having an espresso and a small snack – exactly when the participant likes and needs it – that is a real added value that many more people in Munich should get to know! To do this, I use the existing networks and bring in my own contacts. Through my work as a hotel director in Munich, I have a strong network of corporate clients.

Thank you very much for the exciting interview! We have the feeling that a new spirit is taking hold in Satellite Office’s Munich locations with Gerhard Kostka von Liebinsfeld! He serves our valuable clients with truly 5-star hotel service and brings many new, exciting, high caliber people to our unique Satellite Office network. We are looking forward to it and wish a lot of success!

Gerhard Kostka von Liebinsfeld, Director Satellite Office Munich