We are no longer a greenhorn

20. July 2022

Satellite Office celebrates three birthdays in one week

Office space in Munich is rare! For years, we have been offering the best workplaces in grandiose locations, and at two locations at once. We are also happy to take on home office desperados. The birthdays already give it away: We are no longer a greenhorn! This is a great advantage in these times when hygiene and protection are becoming a matter of trust. Satellite Office turned 24 years old this week. We have been in Munich for ten years. High continuity, constant development and a nose for very good real estate – this is just one way to characterize Satellite Office’s success story. Started in 1997 in Berlin. The first location outside the capital was the Ludwigpalais in Munich in 2011. And in Munich, we are celebrating two anniversaries this week: Five years after the first center, we have already opened our second location in Munich! In a prime, central location in the heart of Munich lies the Kaiserliche Hopfenpost.

The first location in the Bavarian metropolis, the Ludwigpalais in the lively Maxvorstadt, is being completely renovated to mark its 10th birthday. Everything will be equipped with the new, noble design line and the sophisticated space concept, which provides protection and tranquility to work. Everything will be “pureSilent”, because that’s what we call our new line, which was launched 18 months ago.

Both Munich locations are managed by Birgit Gemmer, who grew up in the star hotel business. Because in Munich – and not only there – we write 5-star service in capital letters. After all, our customers from the media, fashion, consulting and IT sectors rightly have high expectations of us. And to the elegant environment in magnificent buildings belongs for us a well-groomed, polite, professional service with a lot of heart! Every day, Birgit Gemmer and her team make sure that everyone can work in peace and concentration. Birgit Gemmer is currently looking after the many people who are looking for a way out of the home office – not so easy in Munich with horrendous rents and a lack of office space! All the better, then, that Satellite Office has some great solutions at the ready in the best locations of the Bavarian capital. Birgit Gemmer is looking forward to your call at +49 89 20 60 21 600 if you need an alternative to a home office or an office in Munich at short notice!

Birgit Gemmer, Director Munich