Unabated interest in sustainable workplaces

27. March 2023

Satellite Office expands even before opening in Stuttgart!

Double record for Satellite Office! Satellite Office’s concept, which focuses on well-being and sustainability, is undoubtedly a perfect fit for Stuttgart. Even before the opening in May, we have already set two records: Firstly, more than half of the existing offices and workstations have already been rented out before the opening. Second record: Satellite Office rents another floor and thus occupies the entire, beautiful building with its total of five floors in Stuttgart’s very best location! Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office: “This is a first for us. Usually, offices and workstations are not rented out until you can visit them. Now we’re scaling up before we even open – it shows how important our agile concept for the working world, which focuses on peace and well-being, is!”

Concept: Shared Office – Satellite Office Stuttgart KÖ35

Recyclable materials, biodegradable materials, over fifty bicycle parking spaces and an e-charging station for every car in the parking garage – the Satellite Office in Stuttgart is built sustainably. Anita Gödiker comments: “We pay a lot of attention to sustainability in the expansion, but go one step further in the furnishings: The focus is on the five senses of the human being. We make sure that the lighting supports the biorhythm, we choose only ergonomic furniture to relieve the back, neck and other problem areas, and the feel of our materials is always soft and pleasant.” The concept has a name: pureSilent©.

All new locations will be equipped according to the pureSilent© philosophy. The pureSilent© philosophy has become a key success factor for Satellite Office, as it focuses on people and their five senses. The existing locations, such as the Gutrufhaus in Hamburg, will be successively equipped according to the pureSilent philosophy. The fact that it has won several architectural awards shows that it also sets real standards for healthy, concentrated work in the professional world of architecture and design.