The show must go online…

20. July 2022

…or else: Bravely look ahead!

The pandemic remains, vaccination is slow. What will all the entrepreneurs do now who, contrary to the original easing assumptions, remain disappointed once again? You are courageously looking ahead! We would like to give you an example of this today from Frankfurt. As inspiration and also as a possible solution.

Due to the pandemic, a private bank in Frankfurt was looking for an alternative for its annual lounge with about nine hundred participants. Since the magic word has been “digital” for a year now, the way to the “Digital Suite” by Satellite Office in Frankfurt was obvious. Because there was one thing the bank did not want: to send warm words to all participants from a cold green room with an artificial background. For its themed lounges, which included “Private Equity”, “Real Estate” or “Sustainable Investing”, the board needed a high-quality environment that could serve as a backdrop for the important event and breathe atmosphere. Noticeably transmitted through the many thick cables laid in the Satellite Office.

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Digital Suites by Satellite Office in Frankfurt am Main, Opernplatz 14

The Great Unknown….

…was the technology! “The challenge for the bank and us was to put ourselves in the hands of the technicians and trust that everything would go well,” says Kathrin Hanisch, who manages the Frankfurt satellite office. To this end, there is a trusting partnership between the experienced event technology company Neumann and Müller and Satellite Office – incidentally, throughout Germany. “Our event management heart beat a few beats faster over the two days,” Hanisch continued. To say it in advance, the first event from the Frankfurt “Digital Suite” was a complete success and important lessons could be learned from it. “The be-all and end-all of such an event is a stable Internet connection. We at Satellite Office were able to guarantee this by reserving bandwidth,” reports Kathrin Hanisch. Equally important, he said, is a professional presenter who can competently guide the audience through the digital program. The great unknown was joined by some dear old acquaintances, such as catering or previous site visits. By the way, Corona quick tests were made on all days with the contributors from direction, technology and also with the board members – simple and effective.

Digital Suite by Satellite Office in production with Bethmann Bank AG

Came to stay:

By the way, the bank’s board of directors and CIO only needed to appear in front of the camera when they needed to be active. In the meantime, they could work comfortably and professionally in the Satellite Office. The journey was also manageable: on foot once across the Opernplatz. The 600 participants:inside saved not only travel time but also enormous travel costs. “Part of the travel costs must of course be invested in the technology,” says Kathrin Hanisch. And yet, the manager believes that this type of hybrid events, which combine a part of presence and a digital part, will remain after Corona. “After this positive experience, I’m even more certain that this time- and cost-saving form of gathering will stay. Perhaps the proportions will shift when many people can be in one room again. But flying a speaker across the globe for a twenty-minute keynote will no longer be contemporary post Corona – not least for the sake of the environment,” Kathrin Hanisch is certain. And she is already visibly looking forward to really spoiling the many future keynote speakers in the Frankfurt Satellite Office before and after her speaking time in front of the camera.

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Kathrin Hanisch, Satellite Office Director Frankfurt