20. July 2022

What led Oliver Kaltner, CEO of Room, to Satellite Office

“Satellite Office is a reputable address that can be found in all cities in Germany and Switzerland that are relevant for us. That matters now more than ever!” says digitization expert and Room CEO Oliver Kaltner, explaining his move to Satellite Office. He and his team are the first to move into their offices in the new KUD15 Gloria Berlin business center. “Being in a good position is even more important now, because we are all traveling less – even in the future. We have learned that videoconferencing is a great tool when it comes to update information. No one has to get on a plane for that anymore,” Kaltner is convinced. However, the technology also has its limits. “When it comes to creative sessions, business pitching or difficult negotiations, I need space appropriate to the setting and the occasion,” Kaltner says. Satellite Office offers me different rooms, workstations and enough space. I find individual room concepts here in which I can manage situations. The spacious, multi-faceted space designed for quiet and concentration is exactly what Satellite Office is all about for me.”

Oliver Kaltner has always worked internationally, with stints at Microsoft, Nike, Leica and EA on his impressive CV. For about a year, he has been a shareholder and CEO Europe of Room, a start-up that deals with modular room-in-room systems. For Kaltner, this is the future of work and a direct result of digital transformation. Enormously accelerated by Covid 19. “Without the virus, flights would not have been reduced. About 60% of all meetings are purely informational, we know that now. Therefore, we can reduce business travel volume by 40%! Now that we are working more stationary again, we need rooms that adapt to these needs. “I believe in a totally hybrid concept! A company will continue to have its headquarters, will allow home offices and will set office hubs in core cities,” Kaltner is convinced.

Such office hubs – as Kaltner calls them – are now offered by Satellite Office at eleven locations. “Satellite Office now has a huge opportunity! Because Satellite Office is not coworking, does not live on an entertaining calendar of events for a community. Satellite Office is a professional environment that attracts companies that want to connect professionally and not based on entertainment,” Oliver Kaltner values the company. Likewise, Satellite Office has an “incredible sense of GEO points,” he said. By this he means the layers that are relevant to business decision-makers. “Businesspeople, for example, have left Berlin Mitte and are all back in the West,” he says, describing the situation in the capital.

“I think there’s a wonderful future ahead of Satellite Office because tenants aren’t signing 3.5 or 10-year leases anymore. Satellite Office takes this risk off your hands and rents out your space for much shorter terms and, in some cases, without any contractual commitment at all. Customers want to be able to grow and shrink within a short period of time, and this is also possible with the flexible system.

Oliver Kaltner feels particularly comfortable in his new office at Kudamm 15 – although he would like to optimize it even further. “I’m going to bring two more phone booths into our office here, because when we all three do video conferences at the same time, we can really use them. Going to the bistro with the life-size Marlene Dietrich on the wall or to the “Hildegard Knef” conference room with its adjoining lounge is a little highlight every day.

The themes of space, office and space utilization are common to Satellite Office and Rooms. The implementation par excellence as well. We are already looking forward to the next conversation with our PERFECT MATCH!