The new financial hub on Ballindamm in the press. An article in the trade magazine “Facility Manager”.

20. July 2022

A workspace in Hamburg’s best location just for the financial sector?

Satellite Office dares to do something again! “We are known for our courage,” says CEO Anita Gödiker with a twinkle in her eye.

In the core-renovated building of the Hamburg private bank “Donner & Reuschel”, a workspace has been created according to the concept of the mastermind, which is mainly aimed at people from the FinTech industry: Bankers, innovative financial entrepreneurs, industry experts, analysts, tax consultants, economists and FinTech innovators. Under one roof with the specialists from Donner & Reuschel, a knowledge hub is being created that is second to none!

The trade magazine “Facility Manager” found the topic so exciting that they devoted four pages to us. Here you can find out every detail about the new location. Enjoy reading and thank you very much for the comprehensive research and the interview, dear Miriam Glaß, journalist at Facility Manager.

By the way, there are still some jobs at Ballindamm!
Since the financial sector is known to be really good at math, the prices are extremely attractive. The request to Doris Keller via in Hamburg is doubly worthwhile!