Seven in the morning in Hamburg…

20. July 2022

Marco Solci about his job as Operations Agent at Satellite Office

Marco Solci, part of the Satellite Office team in Hamburg for four years, has brought his love of beautiful things and his passion for upscale service to Satellite Office. A native of Italian-speaking Switzerland, he is fluent in five languages, including Japanese. His favorite moment of the day? “At seven in the morning in our office on Ballindamm, the house is still asleep, no one is there. I prepare the beautiful rooms for the day, open the windows, look outside, inhale the image I see. The Binnenalster in spring, summer, fall and winter, rain or shine, I can’t get enough of the view.” If you follow Marco on Instagram, you’ll see this view almost every morning, because he likes to share it with his followers. “A little happiness for everyone,” Marco says.

More is more
Sophisticated service in the Satellite Office and a touch more than more, that’s what Marco conveys. “After my first interview at Satellite Office, I was supposed to come in for an hour to try out the job. That turned into six hours, and I didn’t want to leave,” says Marco Solci. On the very first day, he was allowed to serve the important office customers, bringing them a steaming café with perfect form, coupled with a charming smile and a polite saying. Afterward, numerous customers told Marco’s then-boss at Satellite Office, “You’ve got to keep him!”

The Corona – Year
We would like to know how Marco experienced the past year, marked by the pandemic. “We have worked even more intensively, grown even stronger together with the customers,” he reports. “Satellite Office’s Corona policy has been extremely clear, extremely good, so far none of us employee:s have gotten sick – and there are 70 of us!” Marco reports that he hasn’t taken a train or bus in a year, but has gotten a bicycle. This allowed him to cycle in the fresh air between his home in Winterhude and the Satellite Offices in the heart of Hamburg. In times of crisis, character is revealed, so they say. This can justifiably be applied to companies as well. “At Satellite Office, everything was always tackled immediately. As early as last April, we had protective screens at all reception desks and all wore fabric masks with the Satellite Office logo on them – at that time, politicians were still debating whether or not masks would make a difference,” Marco Solci recalls. “Everything was arranged for us employees, everything was made available to us, and there was no pressure from above if a goal could not quite be achieved. I have experienced this quite differently with friends in other companies.”

The financial hub on Ballindamm
The new Satellite Office, which is specially designed to meet the needs of the financial sector and is not under the same roof as the private bank Donner & Reuschel for nothing, is the second Satellite Office to come to Hamburg. Marco Solci was there from the beginning. With shining eyes he reports from that time. “I really enjoyed the construction phase. I saw the plans but had no idea how it was all going to turn out. We built slowly every day, piece by piece, which was really great.”

The most bizarre situation at Satellite Office
We ask Marco about the craziest situation in the last four years. “That was a visitor who thought I was the head of Apple! And I couldn’t dissuade him, he was absolutely sure!” laughs Marco Solci.

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Marco Sloci, Operations Agent at Satellite Office in Hamburg