Satellite Office throws the life preserver

20. July 2022

Interview with Dominik Bornewasser – straight from the Eifel
Dominik Bornewasser, Director of the Düsseldorf Satellite Office, went to the Eifel disaster area. A Sprinter was kindly made available to him by our business partner Reintjes Gebäude und Systemtechnik. After shopping at the Metro, they set off for Nideggen packed with hygiene items such as toothbrushes, soaps, wet wipes, diapers and also fresh laundry as well as flashlights, various work materials and boxes of food. There, Uta Raasch, fashion designer with her own TV show and now initiator and coordinator of the relief action, was waiting for him. Through this direct contact on site, we ensure that every item really does reach those in need.

Mr. Bornewasser, you left for Nideggen yesterday morning. How was the trip and your impression of it?
Dominik Bornewasser: “We left much later than planned, only around noon. We packed for a very long time so that we could take as much as possible with us. I started with a queasy feeling, not knowing what to expect. Coupled with a huge amount of respect and humility.”

What did you experience on the ground?
Dominik Bornewasser: “You can’t get into the crisis area directly, everything is shielded. But the people on the ground tell very bad stories, and the media reports cover exactly what the residents have told. We were then happy when we discovered Uta Raasch and she directed us to the right place.”

What is your impression of the situation?
Dominik Bornewasser: “Everything is extremely well organized on site. The Gasthof Haus Mühlbach in Nideggen-Abenden has declared itself the distribution center, the innkeeper has made the interior available, and helpers are sorting and organizing the donations in kind there. The river Rur, which is normally a trickle, was still full of water and still had an incredible current. The local people are very grateful for donations in kind. Nothing can be obtained there by themselves at the moment. Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hygiene articles everything is missing. The questions there are, for example: What will I use to wrap my baby tonight? A huge problem is also that the electricity in the crisis area no longer works.”

What is most needed on the ground right now?
Dominik Bornewasser: “There is an acute lack of power generators. The people there are dependent on generators and gas stoves. There is also a lack of banal things like work gloves, flashlights, batteries and sun hats. In addition, there is a lack of food that can be consumed without cooking. The communities of Erftstadt and Schleiden have set up donation accounts. There the mayors buy the most necessary things without wasting time. It is really impressive how quickly and pragmatically help is given here. Every cent definitely goes to those in need or is used immediately to buy things that are urgently needed.”

What else has come to your attention?
Dominik Bornewasser: “Looting is a big issue. This has probably happened several times in the last few days, so many do not leave their destroyed houses. When they are asked to leave their homes by rescue workers, some sleep in the front yard to protect their property. RVs are also needed, by the way, for people who don’t want to leave the region.”

Throw a life ring too!
And now you come into play: let’s throw lots of little lifebuoys together.

I am looking forward to a joint relief action in cooperation with Uta Raasch. My word, every cent, every donation arrives. We will keep you informed through our social channels.

Yours Anita Gödiker

Emergency Assistance Accounts:
City of Erftstadt
IBAN DE20 3705 0299 0190 2794 2
City Schleiden
IBAN DE02 3825 0110 0003 1002 94
Intended purpose for both accounts: Donation flood / 841400000
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