O’zapft is!

20. July 2022

Munich: Cosmopolitan city with a heart for good business

Munich is so much more than the Oktoberfest, even if the world’s largest folk festival is an integral part of the city and shapes its image at home and abroad: After Berlin, the metropolis on the Isar is the most important location for start-ups in the fields of finance and technology – according to a recent study by the direct bank Comdirect. Fintechs are changing financial services through innovative and smart technologies and find not only the necessary capital and a good infrastructure in Munich, but also many opportunities to network with large and medium-sized companies.

The city’s good framework conditions result in a balanced mix of founders and investors with great growth potential. Satellite Office’s two Munich locations also offer fertile ground for good business: The elegant, freshly renovated Ludwigspalais in Maxvorstadt is increasingly appealing to senior management, and the location in the old Hopfenpost at the main train station is in the midst of creative and media professionals. The heart and drive of the metropolis on the Isar pulsate at both locations, tradition and modernity unite to form concentrated power. Entrepreneurs and start-ups will each find the right place for business in a prime location.

The Ludwigspalais is looking particularly glamorous right now: During the lockdown, it was renovated under difficult conditions. CEO Anita Gödiker has given it a comprehensive facelift and consistently implemented the pureSilent® Design by Satellite Office: The result is a completely new room, color and material concept in all rooms that serves all the senses and makes deep work a reality. With this goal in mind, the technology was also adapted and brought up to the latest standards – also in terms of sustainability. The new style elements run equally through silent coworking areas, breakout areas and highttech digital rooms, promising work at the highest level of concentration.

By the way – our tenants in the Ludwigspalais did not have to completely forego the Wies’n feeling: At today’s Weißwurst breakfast, the mood was really upbeat. In the end, everyone still agreed that the Oktoberfest, which was cancelled for the second time due to corona, leaves a gap – we strongly hope for 2022!

On 30.09.2021 the Satellite Office team invited to the Ludwigpalais for a hearty Weißwurst breakfast.