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20. July 2022

Corporate social responsibility for small and medium-sized enterprises

Medium-sized companies have always assumed a great deal of social responsibility. Be it for employees, customers or the environment. Particularly in the case of small companies, the commitment often goes far beyond the occasional sponsorship of the local soccer club.

SMEs have long recognized that assuming social responsibility – also known as corporate social responsibility (CSR) – is a success factor for companies. Large corporations use CSR specifically to strengthen their image and create a competitive advantage. Even among small and medium-sized enterprises, there are more and more examples that show that CSR is used correctly and reaches the relevant groups.

However, SMEs often lack strategic direction and stringency of activities. After all, it’s not about individual good deeds, but about an attitude and strategic orientation anchored in the company. The focus must be on the core business and, above all, on the person who is to produce or buy the product or service. Consumers and employees expect not only a good product at a good price, but also responsibility and moral conduct. They shop much more consciously, use services much more selectively than they did a few years ago. The LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) movement is proof of this trend.

At Satellite Office, CSR is firmly anchored in the company’s DNA. For example, plastic water bottles were replaced years ago by an in-house drinking water system. Here, fresh, filtered water is available at the touch of a button and can be filled in glass bottles by the customer. Even imported fruit that has tens of hours of flying time under its belt has not been on offer for a long time. Work-life balance models have been put in place, employees are valued, and sales teams share in the company’s success. The interior design of all locations is largely implemented using natural materials and local craft partners. And yet CSR is a strategic process that is never “finished.” Anita Gödiker: “We are constantly working on expanding our CSR strategy and paying attention to its implementation. Only with regular monitoring of success and further development does the commitment remain successful.”