In the middle of the middle class economy

20. July 2022

First face-to-face event makes for exciting encounters
This week, Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, had two things at the top of her agenda: first, the first major face-to-face event and second, the first meeting with Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. The Who’s Who of German business met in the Atrium of Deutsche Bank in Berlin to ceremoniously present Armin Laschet with the “German Elite SME Award”. And the mood could not have been better: For many it was the first meeting after more than a year. “You could clearly see that a year and a half is a lot of time in which you can lose yourself. And SMEs in particular are dependent on exchange and cross-fertilization,” says Anita Gödiker. And she draws a second conclusion from the high-profile event: “It was a very emotional atmosphere. It touched all of us to talk to people again, to meet,” reports Gödiker. The top topic of the evening – apart from the K-question – was the future of work. What’s next for the home office in the midmarket? The middle class agrees: Home office will remain a part, one will also save ways because of the ecological footprint. But one will also create space in the companies where people can meet. A combination of home office and office. That is the middle class!

Silent Cubes, Digital Rooms, Streaming Studios & Conferencing Rooms
“A smart mix of workstations for concentrated work, face-to-face and digital meetings – developed in a year of Corona, and also hyper-digital if desired” is Satellite Office’s answer to the call from medium-sized entrepreneurs. “Exclusively digital will not prevail,” is Anita Gödiker’s conviction. The evening showed that there is a lot of catching up to do. “We created the diversity of our workspaces, which make everything perceptible to all the senses, for good reasons. Feeling good is the top priority for productive work. Each Satellite Office Workspace is equipped with a variety of spaces for meetings of all kinds, as the matrix shows. “I’m convinced that digital and analog meetings are on equal footing after Corona. Not everything goes digital – but you don’t have to see each other for every meeting either.” The SMEs were unanimous in the need for further digital upgrades. Preferably at the same pace as in Corona times. It’s a good thing that the latest technology has already found its way into Satellite Office. “Why not try a web conference out of one of our Digital Rooms, you’ll love the technology!” says Anita Gödiker. The booking is very easy to make in 10-minute intervals via the respective location.