“I want you to panic!”

20. July 2022

Why Greta Thunberg’s call makes sense for all of us

Panic – or let’s call it fear – is good for business! Because if you are shaken up and shaken by panic, but then absorb it and work on it, it loses its terror and releases incredible energies. “We are losing our rigidity and starting to see ourselves as part of the future,” says renowned futurologist Matthias Horx, echoing young Greta Thunberg.

So here we are, in the still young year of 2021, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel through the vaccine, but the tunnel still seems long. What exactly is important and right now? “The Covid crisis has shattered our illusion that everything will go on forever,” says Matthias Horx. “That next year we will fly even cheaper even further away to enjoy ourselves even better and even more blindly. The Covid crisis has shown us that our accelerated lifestyle does not produce what we expect. Namely, more and more fun, more and more wealth, pleasure and security.” Now the deceptions fall away from us, we find a reality in which we can work again. The city seems empty but mysterious, everything seems to start anew.” A huge opportunity!

As disastrous as the financial impact on companies has been, Corona has cleared the way for something new. For example, the German Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) surveyed 35% of companies diversifying their range of products and services, 46% are currently tapping into new markets, and digitization is even driving more than 50% of companies. The results of the survey can be found here:

“Many people are now trying to gain a foothold as entrepreneurs. Shaken awake by the pandemic panic, driven by the recession and completely new framework conditions, they are taking their fate into their own hands. Because they have an idea or recognize new needs. Figures from the Federal Statistical Office show that business registrations in Germany were 2.9 percent higher than in the same period last year. Internationally, there is also a trend toward new business startups, up 40 percent in the U.S. compared to 2019, and 30.2 percent in France compared to the previous year.” This is reported by the magazine “Spiegel” in a recent article about the “Corona entrepreneur”. While corporations are laying off people and many an established company is facing bankruptcy, new entrepreneurs are beginning to experiment. The founders act out of necessity, their previous professional perspective seems to be destroyed. Self-employment is a possible way out, but perhaps also the long hoped-for opportunity. Find the full Spiegel article here:

The Corona entrepreneurs: What do the many new founders need now to really take off in 2021? Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office: “Flexibility is at the core of every new start for me. Being able to try things out without committing for a long time, being able to adjust the direction at any time without immediately incurring financial losses. But it also means getting off to a good, really professional start. Starting up in the garage would simply take too long these days.”

The entrepreneur’s advice: “Start in a professional environment, take advantage of existing networks, use – especially when it comes to the important topic of the office – one of Satellite Office’s new offerings. These are extremely flexible and correspond exactly to the situation of start-ups. They include not only an inspiring, ergonomic and representative workplace, but also an entire network of reinforcements: an office service team that takes care of small but time-consuming assistance tasks on call, receives guests and answers calls and mail as needed, a cafeteria that offers drinks and snacks around business hours and, last but not least, many other entrepreneurs, experienced and new, who create a particularly professional atmosphere and – quite incidentally – ensure valuable office conversations at eye level. These added values are of course included in the surprisingly fair price. You can find Satellite Office’s offers for start-ups here: