For the cultivated small talk

20. July 2022

Germany’s best office locations – affordable!

Hamburg Ballindamm, everyone knows! Frankfurt Opernplatz too! And the Düsseldorf Kö anyway. But can you really work there? Or are the employees of large banks, insurance companies and FinTechs the only ones who are in on the action? We’ve come up with a calculation that’s astounding.

To put it in a nutshell: Compared to permanently rented office space, you save well over 50% when renting flexible workstations. And flexible workplaces mean so much more than most think! From a single office with a secretary to a daily changing workplace in an open-plan office, everything is included under this bracket. In addition to the cost savings, the flexibility is also particularly interesting. While office space in prime locations usually requires you to sign long-term leases of up to ten years and 3-4 months’ rent deposit, flexible leased workspaces keep you free. Everything is financially manageable and adjustable at short notice.

So, and now, butter on the fish! We’re going to give you some numbers that will blow your mind. While a fixed office rental for 10 people, for example in Frankfurt at Opernplatz, including all ancillary costs such as staff, Internet, cleaning, etc., starts at EUR 22,000, at Satellite Office you pay only EUR 10,520 without a long-term commitment (!). In Düsseldorf it looks like this: EUR 17,500 fixed office – EUR 7,210 satellite office. And in Munich and Hamburg, the bill continues in the same way.

If you drop that next time you make small talk, everyone will be amazed. Feel free to refer to us then, we’ll be happy to pick up the thread!